9th of May – Awaking


Who ever likes to sleep is encouraged to continue. When the time comes you will wake up by yourself. In the mean time some can continue swarm-buzzling while at sleep. All is human.

The tragedy of the rats. It looks like “they” wanted to become rats. Underground rats that show their strenght only when in a pack. Insidiously. Without any moral! And it looks like that “they” adore places where “they” influence our lives. Rats and wolves. But the wolves are not presented in a right way as even in Rome the La Lupa Capitolina, or”the Capitoline Wolf” which is Etruscan she wolf figure dated 5th century BC is used wrongly. The figures of Romulus and Remus were added in the 15th century AD. Even the quote Man is Wolf to another Man is not interpreted right! That Sigmund Freud, again and always, propagating all exept unity of mind said that Man is Wolf to another Man- “Homo homini lupus,” manipulating the original that says: “Lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit,” or in English- “A man is a wolf rather than a man to another man, when he hasn’t yet found out what he’s like.” So in one word- barbarian whom you do not understand! Colonial way, made not only to colonise but to robb the place of all natural resources! Then you act as a “gentleman,” while you call others savages. Belgium and Congo story rungs the bell or sleep is better? Or maybe Opium war no.1 and no. 2 and China? Or resources taken from India and Pakistan, leaving them to fight between them just not to realise the extent of the robbery!

Otherwise the cult of she wolf seems that it comes from Etruscans as Rome was originally the Latin Sabin Etruscan city under the leadership of Wolf Military Brotherhood, which was celebrated by Wolf’s God Soranus an Etruscan, Capenate, Faliscan and Sabine God that was later adopted by ancient Roman religion. Investigate and you will find tremendous information if you seek more and more! It is available.

So many false information!

So many manipulative theories were invented by the same creatures to introduce, to widen, and to make permanent the state of mind called cabal. They used Darwin and paid Freud and Marx, the idiot Trocky, and Lenin! They conveniently took care of Roosevelt and Kenedy not to mention more. To leave something for you. Douglas Lancelot Reed rings the bell? No? Make it YES!

So, will you awake? Of course not! Who am I to take you from your extraordinary, amazing comfort zone!?! Noooo! You will not! You prefer to be lulled and to snore 😴 while sleeping! So, unfortunate but that is how it is. Does not mean dear sleepwalkers that those who are awake are happier than you! Nooooo. Just they are probably more aware then you. However, both are fellow human beings and happiness has different version for every human being.

When the war was finished at 9/5/1945 , Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov the Marshal of the Soviet Union, said that “they”( rats?) will never forget us that we went to Berlin and won the war.

That is how it looks today. “They,” did not forget or forgive and they wanted revenge! Revenge for what? For organising execution of whole of Romanov family?!?! You rats and killers and robbers. Or for killing many hundreds of thousands babies and children in Iraq? Every blood is cheap exept their own. Here is what will stay behind that creature who died recently, a day before the anniversary of another bombing orchestrated and by her! Here is the link to be remembered, till it lasts! The Link!


Further, It is obvious that more false flags are getting prepared awaiting the right time. But there is no right time as there are people determined to deal with it. Again, the trap will work in the opposite direction. They are staying without arguments as they are lying and lying and lying, while more are awaking, awaking, awaking. Their lies are contributing to awaking of more and more! Common sense is slowly taking its own place in the human soul! Conformism is coming to an end! Water resources and Food resources are playing huge role in that! So unfortunate but it looks again that it is necessary!

However “they” thought that trap looks great and, as usual using someone else to achieve their revenge, the things are, again as per universal law, working in the opposite direction. The trap that they thought they made is actually the trap the others made for them to fall into, by their strategic mistakes. So, “they,”are falling in, some faster than the others, but as they know that they will fall in “they” want to take us with them. Some already have internal issues coming to occupy them for a long long very long time. But, do they care? Their families are more important to them than their people. They are silent that Stalin did not want to exchange his own firstborn son for German Field Marshal Paulus. We do not exchange soldiers for Field Marshals…. Who would from those causing so many serious issues for the future of the world do the same? But to blackmail presidents to sack their attorney-general to get the loan is ok and acceptable? That among other is costing lives of many people.

(From Kusturica movie Underground)

You could also see the movie of Emir Kusturica “Underground.” It looks like that it is another truth projected!

But, undergrounds do not help any more. Rats are all out to be seen. Masks have fallen and they are falling, as the bear is slowly, repeat slowly doing what is necessary. Not for the bear sake only, but for you that are still at sleep as well. It is a huge tragedy that innocent people, many of them, in the prime of their youth indoctrinated to hate, are loosing life and are being deprived of achieving something in their existence. They are the real tragedy! Fighting with no, or a completely manipulated aims, they are being used by “them,” (manupulators).”They,” or “them,” have names of course. And laptops due to the rise in the technology. You, the readers, even sleepers know their names. Remember “flattening the curve,” story? Or lockdown? Or social distancing? Or trust science not morons? Or deplorable, wretched people? Or Russian military doctors cleaning roads in Italy? Or unelected pressuring elected to destroy their own nations? Those are called commissioners and sometimes Prime Ministers! Something like the College od Cardinals. Or do you recall biolabs in Ukraine? Or biolabs around the world? Biolabs that are against all of us! Do you remember IG FARBEN and successors? Or Standard Oil and the same story? If not you investigate. Awake for God and your own sake! Why living as a slave? Why following fear without any aim?! Why being alive for the sake of being alive? Find the idea worthy dieing for and live the life for that! You will not die! You will live! You will be set free! You will awake!

Will this be accepted at the end or no one will care? Washing hands again? It is for the future to decide as the new court will! And new Alliance of The World Nations!

As this whole system, imposed on us, and we live in is fake it will at best implode. It is fake and insidious, sneaky, immoral. Full of greedy creatures! Made for few to the detriment of many! Awake!

Today there was a traditional Victory Day Parade in Moscow where American veterans were not allowed to attend by their own country?!?!? Is that normal? Is that human? Look at this photo!

What is built on lies and greed will not have a second chance to reform. Take that chance! Be human and practice TOGETHERNESS! Let insidious be ignored. Let them talk with themselves only, using mirror. They will like it.


Darko Richard Lancelot

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