Ensuring strategic depth

Shortsite is very common issue when you lose imagination and/or are stuck with stereotypes. Those stereotypes are  introduced to the public by the  creatures acting as so-called leaders. The tragedy is that they believe in all those manipulative and mean information that they are planting to the public. Sea of lies, ocean of lies, mountains of lies and list goes on with one immutable word- LIES!

Lies come out of innate stupidity and lack of vision plus high fear of being caught lying.

No talent in upgrading lies? Sqme old formulas that are rapidly losing their strenght. To try to increase it and to develop further the teaching of propaganda, western hemisphere used one person with the Khrushchev surname. The descendent of Nikita who with one signature gave Crimea to newly established geographical area on the “edge.”

So, now that President of Russia visited Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan to participate next day in  the summit of five countries bordering Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan the great news from the western geographical areas are stipulating the visit as a friendly countries visit.

What is Caspian Sea?

For those eager to learn here is a little geography courtesy of Wikipedia…

“The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest inland body of water, often described as the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea. An endorheic basin, it lies between Europe and Asia; east of the Caucasus, west of the broad steppe of Central Asia, south of the fertile plains of Southern Russia in Eastern Europe, and north of the mountainous Iranian Plateau of Western Asia. It covers 143,550 sq mi (372,000 km2) (excluding the highly saline lagoon of Garabogazköl to its east) and a volume of 78,200 km3 (19,000 cu mi).[5] It has a salinity of approximately 1.2% (12 g/l), about a third that of average seawater. It is bounded by Kazakhstan from mid-north to mid-east, Russia from mid-north to mid-west, Azerbaijan to the southwest, Iran to the south and adjacent corners, and Turkmenistan along southern parts of its eastern coast.

Max. length1,030 km (640 mi)

Max. width435 km (270 mi)

Surface area371,000 km2 (143,200 sq mi)

Average depth211 m (690 ft)

Max. depth1,025 m (3,360 ft)

Water volume78,200 km3

With so-called leaders, especially one with white disheveled hair desperately begging Russian Scientists to go to his geographical area and sell their knowledge for printed paper, it became crystal clear in what huge bad shape the science is in that particular western hemisphere geographical area is.

It also could, to use popular expression, highly likely, confirm who was eliminating Russian Scientists around… Maybe he was told to say it publicly and invite some to make the highest treason and sell them selves for that soon to be toilet paper…

That white hair, “doing my job” man is increasingly becoming a tragic figure in his downgraded down all behaviour. Nothing better to offer than call for betrayal? Why? It is REAL that the technological gap between Russia and geographical areas of western hemisphere increased so much that it will be insurmountable for foreseeable future. Just imagine, following the new strategy of Russian Federation no. 400 , when these technologies become available for civilian use! Give it two three years.

However, we can not forget that there are so great places with even greater history in that island geographical area. One being so well known as Cambridge! That place introduced to the world many Magnificent Man. Five was the number? But that is history. At the present no need for that as the system of education and family values that are used for inspiration of human mind are attacked and destroyed by lgbt and other nonsense. Maybe the way to proceed is to organise FAMILY VALUES PARADE OR FVP. Is that possible in that geographical area? The area often it be! Let it FVP be! Especially as they found a country in the Balkans that will host European lgbt event in autumn. That country name is Serbia. Can you imagine?

Aside from all that one is so obvious for those that have the eyes to see. Preparations, serious preparations are underway.

Preparing STRATEGIC DEPTH is crucial move having in mind that you can expect all from those western hemisphere delusional minds. Maybe those unique minds and amazing jokers would do the same if they had a depth in their geographical areas. That depth is available only in one of them. The boss country.

One is certain. Caspian Sea together with other areas of vast Russian Federation land represents the place that can be expected to stay as an oasis in the case of the worst scenario. So, the visit has multiple reasons and aims, soon to be seen.

And those great so called leaders can continue discussing riding the bear or horse…

They will be accountable for all the disaster they insidiously provoked.




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