Magnificent Proudness of Stupidity

I am not jealous of Milan Kundera! On the contrary, Milan Kundera was always an inspiration with his novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
There you can find many thoughts, one being: “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” That happens when you still have a heart and fight for a higher cause, which implies that you still have a soul, and at least do not lie and do not try to cure your complexes by judging other people’s masculinity. LGBT is ok but for themselves. FVM or Family Values Movement is also good, but for themselves. No need to advertise and to produce those that is “their job,” to somehow lead. Leading begins with self-sacrifice, not from the parties while other people are locked! Meddling in other peoples and, God forbid, other nations’ business brings the revelation of the truth faster! Patience and time are two main ingredients of strength! Nothing of those two simple things is to be seen in the geographic areas of the western hemisphere! Someone was patiently waiting for the right time to be provoked and to send to the hole those that dig it! And that time is here. It is a process, and it is irreversible.
When you combine the unbearable lightness of being with the magnificent proudness of stupidity, you get precisely the picture from that round table filled with those creatures making cheap jokes about riding horses. They would be better off if they were talking about hokey! Not bicycles but hokey! Also, after “highly likely,” some of them presented to the public the lack of the basic knowledge of geography, they now acknowledge the absolute lack of basic knowledge of recent history. That is why they forgot that one great and iron lady existed! Margaret Thatcher!
It looks like all strong characters from all parts of the world, in today’s decadent world of the western hemisphere, are to be forgotten to cure narcissistic complexes, insane delusions, and “reckless self-regard” of the weak creatures making comments about the masculinity of other counterparts.
They should be reminded even that it will make them more jealous about the nationality of the code name TRICYCLE, the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s double 0 seven, Mr. Bond. James Bond. Or Mr. Boss – Pambos!
That was Dusko Popov. The Serb. Dusko got the code name TRICYCLE from legendary Stewart Menzies, Major General and the Chief of MI6 from 1939 to 1952!
“Menzies was educated at Eton College, becoming president of the student society Pop, and left in 1909. He excelled in sports, hunting, and cross-country running. He won prizes for his language studies and was considered an excellent all-around student.” Masculinity was a must in those days in a particular geographical area.
Then, the magnificent proudness of stupidity took over and degraded all the achievements of a man like Sir Stewart.
Deep reform is needed, but with new patriots, visionary and independent personalities, free of corruption and blackmail and ready to rebuild the society! That is the only way or no way.
To make you think, let me share some statistics taken from the remarkable book of J.M.Kaynes “The Economic Consequences of the Peace.”
Population figures
Germany had in June 1914 about 64 million people with an annual increase of about 850000!
Austro-Hungarian Empire had 50 million inhabitants.
Russia had 150 million inhabitants at the same time. June 1914!
“The excess of the births over deaths in Russia as a whole was at the prodigious rate of 2 million per annum!”
What are the numbers today?

So, who is fooling whom?

However, the times are changing, and as some wise men that know how to ride a horse say, nothing will be the same anymore.

Tricycle is great!



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