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Part ONE

One rainy morning Yuri Andropov* was taking his usual walk. It was the best time for him to methodically structure his already digested ideas and prepare to face the bureaucrats that caused all the mess in the Soviet Union. He knew all of them as he was a part of the same system for many years!
He also knew that, after WWII, Stalin and Beria had structured a plan to reform the Soviet Union. It was ready to be implemented! However, it was abandoned with the curious death of Stalin and the execution of Beria. They were well aware that the addition of all those countries that the Soviet Union got under the umbrella after WWII was a mistake. Forced mistake! Strategic mistake! Because one thing is to conquer, and the other is to rule! Especially as the descendants of Khazars*, were occupying neuralgic positions in many of the eastern countries that were influencing educational policies from primary schools to universities in a smart, yet very insidious way. Since 1917, remnants of the Khazars have infiltrated the key parts of the state apparatus, although they were always a minority. They were the masters of using human weaknesses!
Like today, Andropov thought!
But! Every mistake caries the opportunities!
With that thought on his mind, you could see a smile on his face! Andropov was a visionary old wolf! Time shows, and it will show more how it passes that the decision Andropov made was deep and far-reaching!
While enjoying the walk and breathing many negative ions that are well known for their healing capabilities, he continued with his thoughts.
Generally, the west was more successful as they established the “paper” sweetened with the gold standard, to be used as the world currency.
That was a modern way to enslave the nations by creating the dept!
For that reason and that reason only, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World this and World that were created! And the people were buying it!
Even after 1971, when Nixon abandoned the gold standard and with the great help of then (1974) newly appointed U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, made the secret deal with the house of Saud that established the petrodollar! The stage for creating more and more debt to other nations is set!
“Who controls the dept controls everything! Andropov was aware of that many years before the popular movie “The International.”

Andropov, perfectly well informed by the visionary KGB agents, knew the attitude of the eastern countries’ elites. They championed corruption and mismanagement, even more than in the Soviet Union! He knew and decided that something needs to be done!
He was also well-informed about the state of the world economy and affairs and projections for the next decades!
As a Chairman of the KGB, he sent a top-secret request to all of the KGB key officers worldwide. He asked for their assessments that will help him confirm his deep inner thoughts and encourage him to make the most critical and future-oriented strategic decision!
He knew that the majority of Americans were crazy about casinos and blackjack while the majority of Russian were following and enjoying playing chess! He wanted to use that!
We need to do something to accelerate the greed of our “friends” Americans and wait for them to go for a deep self-loving narcissistic sleep while we reform and structure Russia, Andropov said to himself!
Yes, Russia! The stage should be set in a way that all involved would act without knowing, or being able to contemplate the real strategy, due to their character limits.
The special, and existential operation that was projected to last for decades!
The question was simple, and he asked for a simple answer!
So, he asked: “What will happen to Russia if Warshaw Pact ceases to exist and the Soviet Union as we know it shrinks?”
He knew that all the personalities on the receiving side would clearly understand the aim of the question and what was coming.
The rule that there are answers to every question in its wording was well known to all high-ranking people.
But, as he trusted their opinion and patriotism, he was at ease with his consciousness. He wanted to leave something behind and to be remembered by future generations that would live in prosperity and peace! But first, he said, is to save Russia and make it powerful again!
His mind went back to 1953, the moment when Stalin died, and Beria was arrested and executed.
As a chairman of the KGB, he read all the documents and knew all participants and all details of that still highly hidden and little-publicized event.
He wanted once more to recapitulate history and make nearly sure that he would not have the opposition who would act as in 1953 or 1963.
Especially that so well known in the west, due to President Eisenhower’s farewell speech, but still a secret in the east, the Military-Industrial Complex and crazy bureaucrats of the Soviet Union were powerful and without any scruples.
That group of highly influential people, Andropov thought, did not care to sacrifice top-ranking generals to achieve their objectives. One of them is the major General Nikolai R. Mironov. Mironov was the one who, with another colleague, pushed and influenced terrified Brezhnev to become the new General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
That bold clown, Khruschev, whose granddaughter is teaching propaganda in the USA, was dismissed on the 14th of October 1964.
Mironov was in the plane that crashed in Avala mountain near Belgrade on the 20th of October 1964, together with many other world war heroes that were coming to the official visit to Belgrade. All of them were sacrificed to get rid of General Mironov. Tito did the “service” to Brezhnev as he wanted to stay without the witnesses of his cowardly behavior!
Andropov knew that they could try again to influence the decisions of different members of the Politburo, again using blackmail and murder techniques.
But Andropov decided! He was about to start promoting a new way to try to recover and reform Russian society first! The rest would be cut as cancer!
He made up his mind when he got the reply from KGB people that, in the vast majority could be interpreted as, “NOTHING! THE STRATEGIC PROGRESS OF RUSSIA WILL INCREASE OVER TIME!” – no word SUSTAIN has been used at that time! That word was introduced later…
Now he needed to balance the methuselah politburo with new personalities. His choice came to then not well-known Mikhail S. Gorbachev. He knew his limits, his lack of deep vision, and his malleability toward the influence of his wife and he chose him exactly because of that! He was planned to be the smokescreen and stepping stone! The west was going towards the hole they thought was dug for the Soviet Union. So, the Soviet Union was given for Russia’s sake! Till it reforms and becomes stronger! The bone with a lot of meat was thrown to the blackjack greedy western oligarchs and the stage was set, waiting for time to do its work.

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*Yuri Andropov was the KGB chairman from the 18th of May 1967 till the 10th of November 1982 and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from the 12th of November 1982 till his death 9th of February 1984

*Khazars Tribe that took Judaism as their religion was destroyed by Sviatoslav I of Kyiv in the 10th century.

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