It was at the door

July 2, 1878. Berlin Congress. Congress delegate Baron Joseph von Schwegel said when he learned that an assassination attempt had been made on the German Emperor Wilhelm. “To me it looks like the first crowing of a rooster at the dawn of a new day, full of blood that will bring deep sorrow to humanity. Culture and morality will disappear and give way to force and greed. Maybe we will not witness it, but it will come sooner or later. “

Baron Joseph von Schwegel, in the Congress of Berlin “emphasised the intention of the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use Serbia’s position and the Balkan crisis for ensuring the Monarchy’s long-term geostrategic trade-related economic interests in the Balkans and solving the related infrastructural issues concerning the Danube navigation – primarily through the Đerdap gorge, including the conclusion of construction of the trans-Balkan railway line to enable the penetration of products of the Austrian industry to the south and oppose British and French competition in the Balkans.”

Baron’s predictions came true. He did not know about the plan that was put in motion to replace the real old traditional family aristocracy with new money aristocracy. It was played by using the most “sensitive chords of human mind,” like greed and ravenous selfish desires of man. All shortsighted and all stupid, narcissistic characters are chosen and are being still used by the same forces that will abandon them as soon as their expiry date arrives.

Poor new money aristocracy thinks that it is independent, but it is not! The money issuers are the real controllers and all of those that have a slight thoughts that money can buy everything are so stupidly wrong! They are just the pawns ready to be immolated if needed, without any pity!

So, practically! To trash the plan we are the victims of, we all need to sacrifice something. Those that have and those that do not have should “sacrifice” their need to greed and jealousy. To recognise the agents who promote that plan and confuse us more by projecting fear and to fight them with pure love! Honest, genuine, pure, human love! We can do it!

One question arises. Whom to trust then? That is the seed planted by the same plan! Distrust to government, neighbours, family. That is why family is crucial as those values should be reinstated! That is the real education and not the one you get diplomas of! From there begins an avalanche that will bury the enslavement plan that has existed for many, many years and has been persistently implemented.

Instead of being manipulated by “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” slogan that brought wars by insidiously propagating peace, practice togetherness, solidarity and traditional family values. The rest will be done by the Universe!

Go, and start now!

It might be very too late for politics and politicians but it is never too late for the rest us who’s souls are still in the right place!

Abandon all demoralising authors that were insidiously promoted by the same forces using the degradation of family values to make their own legions of confused individuals. Like Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism, Freudism, Jungism etc..

Your grandparents new the life much better and clearer than all those morons made scientists by the same psychopaths.

Start remembering and start to apply! Simple it is! Do not complicate it as the plan was and still is to complicate things by making many parts of one thing and then make specialist that will be and act like slaves, but narcissistic slaves which is a real human tragedy!

To be continued for those who want to read


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