“Per me reges regnant”

The above quote in english means:”Through me the sovereigns reign.” Looks familiar? Feels familiar?

20th of January 2023 addition

As meetings are being held at that remote village where they use army helicopters to transport foreign dignitaries one interesting interview took place. Link IS HERE. OPEN IT AND SEE IT. IT IS THE NEWS FROM TIMES OF INDIA.

They say here if you should continue sharing this simple questions video? People were asking simple questions without answers. Simple answers. You remember, trust the science. It is just showing what the plan was- Make the cake with following ingredients: Power, Hypocrisy, Bribery, Fraud, Cunning, and give to the masses to eat! When they eat and digest, make revelations and throw greedy narcissistic creatures to the garbage as they served their purpose. Pity! YOU SHOULD LEARN TO BE WITHOUT THE NEED TO HAVE AS SOME SPIRITUAL PERSON SAID! Conclusions are yours!

It was at the door long time ago and now it is having all meals inside of our houses. We are feeding it! Great achievement by the roamers. They are in the complete dominance and ready to destroy us all. Are you still frolicking in that lukewarm water and don’t really care what will happen? Stop! Go out, dry, and start acting! For them there is nothing more dangerous than individual initiative!

Before continuing let me share with you a talk I had with one of my friends. Namely that person is not vaccinated. That person started to draw a circle. That’s all of us, that person said, by adding spots in the circle. They say that majority of the people is vaccinated( represented as red color spots) and many are experiencing health issues they did not have before, strange and difficult as their immune system is attacked,not by so-called viruses, but by liquids injected. The minority are those that are not vaccinated, showing me the white spots in the circle that were overwhelmed by the red circles. Could it be, that person continued, that the golden Billion they talk about are us that are not vaccinated? Interesting point and another confirmation that we have to do with extremely vile and insidious creatures that are creating narratives which serve to divide and further confuse us forcing us to stay lost in the labyrinth and never to escape from it! They created institutions used to weaken mind by permanent criticism, to break of a habit to thought which can create opposition and to deflect, to transform the power of thought into mere empty eloquence! Can you recall how many times you said- ” That and that said it right!” Eloquence and oratory are promoted to make us to continue swimming in the lukewarm water which is visible instead to see if the words are equaled with deeds.

So, now for those that decided to start a new awake life by jumping out of the melting pot , cleaning themselves from numerous contradictory and confusing opinions let me state that only then we will be in the position to recognise that we were played big time by the same forces who diverted us from noticing crucial things and move our interest towards commerce and industry! And then introduced speculation!Like futures derivatives and who knows what else! Instead of being what it was created for, the means of exchange, money became the ultimate ruler of our lives! Why? Who introduced it? What was behind it? However I suppose you are awake now so you can easily find out by yourself!

Just heard the rummor and do not know if it is true that Black Rock will layoff many employees? Do they also try to jump out of the pot? Interesting. How many of you start your day with the thoughts of your own profit? As you get engaged in the struggle for more profit you will less likely notice the common enemy of all humanity! As you seek more and want but can not achieve supremacy, even in your house or in the neighbourhood, you become disappointed, cold and heartless! Unable to express feelings, unable to feel real love, unable to live! Turn inward and start individual initiative! Like simple making one, only one person a day to smile! That is what is not in the algorithm! Neither in the bank account or gold. It is in our human nature.

It is not in Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism! Or any other creature that is promoted by the main stream media owned and runned by them.

Stop saying, but I saw it in the news or read in the newspaper! Investigate by your self and be patient not to run to the conclusions beforehand! Let that be your aim in life!

As who has the aim will find the way!

Their mathematics was 1000 of us for 1 of them. When they saw that this was not enough they simply increased the first number leaving the second as it is. That is what is “highly likely ” happening now as they are in our houses at our tables! No matter the nation, race, religion! All of us are in the same pot. And as “The Earth Angel” said “The sooner you figure out which chairs don’t belong at your table, the more peaceful your meals become!” Conclusion? It was, it is, and it will always be just and only up to us! Not them!

Be happy and genuinely smile! Really be happy! It makes them very nervous and distracted!

This minutes will be continued



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