Mother and Father, Son and Daughter, Sister and Brother

Hi! Family is everything ❤️

The title could be different. In a word it can be called just and simple FAMILY.

So, welcome to the family. Did you have a family? Do you have a family? Do you have a mother? Do you have a father? You know, the mother is the person that had you for nine months in her belly. The Father, you know, is the person who shared his sperm with your mother, and that is how you came to this world.

Did you forget it?

Mother and Father or if you wish Father and Mother are the best friends you will have all your life. Quiet, stubborn, nice or not, hard-working or not, rich or poor, with or without problems, with or without divorce, Mother and Father are the best friends you will ever have!

Do not forget that when you are bombarded by anyone! Anyone! Those anyone are poor creatures. Those anyone need help. Give them! They are also human. Unfortunate humans with huge emotional issues and hidden hatred towards anything normal. Their new normal is our abnormal.

Give them love! Share love with them! Your warmth will help them! Our warmth will give them the opportunity to realize the same! That Mother and Father are their best friends and that the world is being manipulated to divide us and easily rule us all.

Those that are instigators can not be changed. But to those also provide the love! Pure genuine, clean love! If that can not change them then it will make them nervous, and that is something!

As to one Burmese Proverb- “In times of test, family is best!”

Never ever give the chance to any fashion and manipulation to blind you and seduce you! Mother is one, Father is one Brother is one, Sister is one! Family is the one and only! Cherish the memories you have, they will help you when you are lonely! No fashion and rainbows! Only family!

However you think that family has issues, the world you live in has more as it is filled with hypocrisy, fraud, and treason! Family, with all the issues was, is and it will always be an oasis for our soul!

To finish! Mother is Mother, Father is Father. They both are parents. And the daughter is a daughter and the son is a son like the sister is a sister as the brother is a brother!

For others, God help their poor souls.



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