Balloon and Cessna

Balloon and Cessna

About Balloons, you heard, especially the Chinese ones. But about Cessna you, or did not hear, or you forgot. But, still, let’s start with balloons. China balloons.

Chinese balloons are operated, at least that is what they say, by its national weather service. It happened that one or two of those lost the path and were spotted over the territory of the superpower the USA and had been taken down by a military plane of the superpower of the USA off the coast of South Carolina. Following this event Mr. Zhuang Guotai the head of the Chinese national weather service was fired. Here is the link you can find out more about:

It was an interesting performance by the superpower military aviation. As this story is shared here we learned that what has left of the balloon was found and recovered by the superpower Navy. Now they will investigate and they even might report their findings. However, as some of the people in the establishment said that we are experiencing not incompetent, not only corrupted but crazy, insane creatures one could expect all possible results. So, the superpower Navy has done its job. Exactly that Navy that according to the Pulitzer Prize winner Mr.Seymour Hersh stated was instructed to organize the blowup of the Nord Stream pipeline. You can find the link here:

Very interesting, isn’t it?

As you read about ballons story which is still developing you might ask yourself why Cessna is mentioned as Cessna is not the Baloon name. It is the trademark of the manufacturer that produces aircraft.

It was the 28th of May 1987, the year when future Pizza Hut personality ruled than Soviet Union that one Cessna aircraft with modified and extended fuel tanks landed on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, next to Red Square near the Kremlin, Moscow. The pilot was young German Mr. Matias Rust. He flew from Helsinki, Finland, to Moscow. The plane was tracked several times by Soviet Air Defence Forces and civilian air traffic controllers, as well as Soviet Air Force interceptor aircraft. The interceptor fighters did not receive permission to shoot him down, and his Cessna was mistaken for a friendly aircraft several times.

Not to go to further analysis, as it is important to leave something to you readers to investigate. What is important to mention is that after the event, 4 years passed and the Soviet Union was dissolved in December 1991. Another important note which is good to be shared is that for the planers those you can not see, is crucial to leave with us the signs. Only like that they can actually project events and make us “surprises.”

The common denominator of Balloon and Cessna is that both have not been taken out by the air defense systems, but rather the interceptors needed to be called for help. That both events happened over the sky of the superpower country at the time when the system of both was experiencing huge structural issues. That could be confirmed especially as the Chinese Baloon was so high that no air defense on that part of the superpower the USA was not capable to shut it down.

So we could remember February 2023 and add some years with the hope that we will stay alive to see the next event that will happen and help humanity to survive!



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  1. China national weather service balloon has cameras on it? And various receivers for comms surveillance? Normally, there are sensors coupled to a transmitter to capture temperature, humidity, pressure and the altitude via GPS – these fit in a 1 square foot box normally, and a 10 – 12 foot balloon for lift … but, this balloon under consideration was much, much bigger … no?


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