“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi

When recently visiting the great city of Istanbul, I did not know that besides I would write about my memorable experiences and encounters I had with Turkey’s beautiful people who were not only hospitable but were sharing their vibrant energy and genuine human curiosity, there would be other events that will make me deeply shaken, would influence my feelings and make me very sad but profoundly human.
First, just after I left Istanbul, I got Zulfu Livaneli’s “The Serenade for Nadia” book in English, which I had longed for nearly four years. I took it with love and recently raised and acquired curiosity. Read it fast, with my concentration advancing after every page. That happens when the writer manages to pull you in, identifying you with his story. My impassioned reactions had increased both horizontally and vertically. Livaneli points out that we are all humans, and if we want to leave something after us, it’s better to share our life stories with the world. It is then when you realize that your heart is ready and hungry for both love and pain, and your soul is positioned in the right place to become emotionally curious! It is a part of the fulfillment process that teaches us how to live and “, in fact, learning us to die”( the quote from the book “In the heart of the Desert by John Cryssavgis). I felt the eye expression of the leading personalities. As the eyes are the windows of the soul and heart, I thought I penetrated deep inside their being, sharing the atmosphere of the past. One is certain! We all suffer for something!
Just in a few days, I finished reading it. While trying to sort out impressions and structure my emotions, this book awakened in me a tremendous tragedy occurred.
Turkey and Syria experienced two separate and deadly earthquakes! While writing this, I am listening to the fantastic quantity of news and events that preceded the quakes and learning that they were without an exact epicenter. Also, I am watching videos that are, to say mildly, very strange! The first earthquake was at 3.17 am, and as I was sleeping on the third floor of a building in Nicosia, Cyprus, I felt it very strongly! At first, I was in disbelief and could not comprehend when I saw the information about the magnitude! It was reported that it was 7.8 degrees on the Richter scale! Then, at noon the same day, February 7th, there was the second one, separated from the first. It was not an aftershock; it was a new shock! That one was 7.4 degrees on the Richter scale! Like someone, some force wanted to be sure that there would be tens of thousands of innocent victims! That someone can be anything from nature to personalities with name and surname. I am still in complete dismay while writing these words! I am not a supporter of different theories; however, I do follow the quote that “it’s hard to believe in coincidence, but it’s even harder to believe in anything else.”
What are those coincidences?
But before coincidences, please find herewith the link for the donation accounts-


To make myself clear. I donated and will do more to help. That is the decision of one human being toward fellow humans that are in need! From both Turkey and Syria!

My mind is filled with all the pain that the people in Turkey and Syria are experiencing. I felt outraged when the mosaic started to connect! When insidious things began to happen! However, first are human lives and after coincidences! As someone said wisely, the book about these events, this tremendous tragedy, will be opened later! I sent donations to two different accounts for my heart and nearby soul to feel some alleviation. I am unsure why I did it, but it was purely spontaneous. Maybe I did it to feel more relieved but in vain! The number of victims is still rising, and the tragedy is presenting itself in a horrifying light! I thought if this is the price one land needs to pay for following its own independent policies?! Photos and videos show us the level of tragedy, pain, and suffering but also the decisive, humility, humanity, and compassion! With some, only some minority that wants to exploit human tragedy to their advantage, the vast majority of the people are humble, compassionate, beautiful human beings! They send their message! That suffering and tragedy bring people together! However, we learn, and I do hope that we finally realize that we do not need tragedies to unite us as humans! But, I thought, maybe the universe wanted all those people who lost their lives to become the seeds for humanity to unite and advance!
Greek and Turkish rescuers, Russian and Ukrainian rescuers, Serbian and Albanian rescuers, Greek Cypriots with Turkish and Turkish Cypriots rescuers, Armenians and Turkish and Azeris rescuers, Chinese from mainland and Taiwan rescuers, Indians and Pakistanis rescuers work together. That is another message! That people understand who is pulling the strings for hatred and division and united as humans are saying that WE DO NOT WANT THOSE WHO PROVOKE WARS! We do not want those who connect their existence by sucking other people’s blood! Will the majority understand and react? I very much hope so.
That is another message to those who trigger wars and loot countries and people using foreign blood. To those who organize coups and fund terrorists! Those with insatiable greed and no morals! Those who steal other countries’ resources! They are corrupt, incompetent, and unfortunately bribed, blackmailed, and crazy, as someone else pointed out. They are irreversibly sliding toward catastrophe! I hope that it will become their catastrophe and not ours!
As technology advances, we now have the opportunity to find sources, information, events, and people who wrote about the methods used by this, as someone called the “third force” representing a huge minority but with tremendous resources and possibilities of using deception and the secret knowledge to confuse and keep us enslaved.
Many of us feel that something exists but that all of that is far away from us and that we will not be affected. But all of us will be affected, whether we like it or not. How? Oh, I do wish that I am wrong!

That “third force” is global and without the country. That “third force” is the one that uses the methods and has ways of implementing them, which are not easy to be understood and acknowledged. Just imagine that there is a 100-year plan made and put in motion while most countries have five or a maximum of 10-year plans for their citizens. The positioning is completely different. Even the heads of the powerful states that do not comprehend the methods of this “third force” global policy become their hostage!
In his well-known book Pharaoh, published in 1897, Boleslaw Prus, born Alexander Glowacki, described the power struggle and methods for manipulating consciousness, not only of the people but Pharaohs as rulers of Egypt, keeping them in check to be used as the priests wanted.
This book was popular as it “continues to point analogies” to this day!
The book is not highly advertised, so I use this opportunity to recommend it to you! Let the awareness and knowledge spread! That is what this “third force” is afraid of, and that is why each of us as an individual has the opportunity to start changing something!
Below are some quotes:
“It was not the Pharaohs who created Egypt, but the Gods and Priests. Not Pharaohs determined the height of water in the Nile and managed its spills. Not Pharaohs taught people to sow, gather fruits, and breed cattle( in those days, there were many cattle). Not Pharaohs treat patients and protect the state from the intrusions of external enemies. Can the activity of Pharaoh be compared to ours? And in the case of differences, who should concede? We or him?”
The comment of one commoner says it all!
“You can tame the Lion, kill Phoenician, move Lybian to pity, but the Egyptian priest who tasted the luxury and power, it is impossible to entreat.”
Precisely this is what we are facing now! Plus, complete insanity pre-harnessed with the idea of total destruction that will welcome their messiah!
All those fellow human beings that lost their lives in this strange moving of the land left with us their souls and spirits! They will talk to us, guide us, and be our protectors! Together we will win over the insidious globalizators who, like the Egyptian priests, want to trim the earth of life using the “cultural cooperation” narrative method! What is that? It is that fairytale presented with “trick mirrors” where everything needs to be put upside down!
Our souls need to be cleansed to function freely, without fear, and with common sense!
The souls are cleaned with the help of tears. Tears that we all experience these days! The tears I experienced when in Saint Nicholas Church and Sokollu Mehmed Pasha Mosque in Istanbul.
“Tears signify an opening of new life, a softening of the soul, a clarity of the mind. They bring us to rebirth and the world of healing. They signify a true homecoming. Through tears, we are able to enter the treasury of the heart…” ( from the book “In the Heart of the Desert” by John Chryssavgis)

May God rest their souls in peace and give us the strength to find and communicate with them! They are the seeds that will unite humanity!



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