Geopolitics of hatred and looting

The Germany, France, America axis is dismantled, and the United Kingdom, Poland and America axis is formed. Poor French and Germans as British are already projected to become poor.

Also the Turkey was planned to participate in that neoslavery project of Intermarium, but since it is not possible under Erdogan, coincidences like terrorist attacks in Istanbul and some say, not naively but connectedly, devastating earthquakes.

While writing this new earthquake 70 km from Latakia is registered. 6.4 Richter scale. HAARP WORKS OVERTIME. What is in Latakia and around? Wooow. Interesting a d again coincidence! Depth was again coincidentally 10 km.

If you connect it with the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, as Seymour Hersh informed us, who connected people from the current American administration with that terrorist act, you will see, you will realize, I guess, that people inside that tragic administration hate Russians and everything Russian from the bottom of their souls.

I guess the tragic inhabitants of the tormented Ukraine will understand that, before they die. Especially the youth! Wake up. These poor haters started a process where the Reagan and Bush and Gorbachev agreements no longer exist, which means that Kosovo and Metohija will be Serbia again, Iraq will be finally independent, Syria free, Iran, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia will connect with Russia and develop in a humane way called BALANCE OF INTERESTS.

The hypocrisy of the so-called Western world is so profound that they can no longer breathe because of lies and propaganda. But profits are good forvfew while many are sacrificed without even second thoughts!

I’m not talking about far history, but about this recent one. Let’s say, confinement, fear of viruses, injection of unverified substances into the human body with the help of force, fashion, etc… In a word, fear manipulation!

Not to be long, because manipulation takes away the possibility of concentration, this will not pass again! All the protocols, all the analyses, all the money invested, it’s so nice to go to the dustbin! Instead of a rule based new enslavement order, a Balance of Interest Order will be created! The point is not whether it will happen, but how many innocents will suffer. Don’t hope it won’t come to you. It comes, so vile and silent. Better react. A better reaction because otherwise we won’t even have time to pray together while others will go to the angels. So let’s all wake up. Both those with and those without injected substances. Rather, it appears that death in sleep has increased by many, many, many percent. Even if it excites us to never trust these usurpers and those who bribed them, blackmailed them, took advantage of them, exactly as the Minutes of Meetings said.

Germany should join the forces with natural alies before it is completely destroyed by the same forces whonhad nightmares with German unification done by the agreement between Federal Republic of Germany and then Soviet Union under Gorbachev. Margaret was very upset with it resulting after so many years with the destruction of Nord Stream gas pipeline.

One is certain. With all those mad, insane morons occupying neuralgic positions GOD HELP US!

February, 20th, 2023


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