Deja vu- Boris in April 2022 Joe in February 2023

It does not seem what it seems when it seems what it seems(

Boris unannounced visit to Ukraine, April 9th, 2022.

Joe surprised visit to Ukraine , February 20th, 2023.

As dear Boris is gone and leaders of Germany and France are not reliable for the cabinet trio Joe needed to go. Leaders of Germany and France understood finally thatbthey are robbed by their atlantic partners and they tried and still try hard to stop the war. The cabinet knows it and that is why Joe needed to replace Boris and do a surprised visit to give something for the cabinet and around the cabinet to exploit it as much as impossible. Goebbels would be jealous about the descendants who are working overtime and inventing situations and lies, desperately looking for the crack to appear in Russia. However more surprises will be comming from Russia as production of all different goods is accelerating. Will be interesting to see the developing of Made in Russia products.

Where is Boris? He is definitely missed. United Kingdom GDP will have difficulties in the coming years. Maybe all the money given to different institutes and organisation in the range of 60 billion pounds should be stopped and that money invested for the good of the great British people. Maybe instead of money and derivates the UK should invest more in production. However, production needs raw materials and cheap energy which there would be if looting continues. If not, than we get what we see today.

Joe is facing the same story in the USA.

Those in the cabinet that handle and run him could see that the things are not going well, and as they can not go back they further escalate the already escalated situation. They are going towards the destruction of their own country using all extremely dangerous ways that can cost all the humanity it’s exsistance.

Reports are comming that are showing the magnitude of lies that cabinet use to manipulate us all and to proceed with the destruction! They can not be controlled!

We see how different leaders react and how are they subdued by this minority of haters of everything and everyone human.

From “f**k Europe” till Biolabs, Nord Stream destruction, and even the HAARP that as per some “works overtime.”

Lies that were presented as truth are slowly going to the place they need to be as the truth slowly gets out. Here is another report that counters another lie.


The same creatures or their derivatives are using the same narrative in different topics applying the same method. The idea is not to change the team that wins!

See methods, think by yourself and decide what is your life aim and what should be enough.

Do not forget for the moment that the cabinet is laughing at us all when cameras are off. It is so obvious.

What to do you might ask. No need to change the world. First start from yourself. The rest will be done by the universe.

As Rumi said:”Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” With majority of us changed and awake and aware the herd will disappear and they will not ha e whom to influence or rule.



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