Let the kids play

Taken from the wall of one aware woman. Thank you.

Today is that 8th of March. International women’s day that has not been organised by feminist groups but by socialist international, world government lovers people.

So, who are they? They are the ones who organised many different international days, organisations that are aiming in diminishing governments that are voted by the people. What ever they are! They take us as kids which play while they are cooking us. But its so nice being cooked and not realizing it. Isn’t it? Or you are offended? But lukewarm water is relaxing, it puts you in deep sleep so you will never contemplate that you are cooked. You will just be one more in the rising number of sheeps going to abyss.

Women’s day is every day! Women’s day is exactly every day. As it is the man’s day every day. That should be the attitude. All those days are formed to serve something. Not to commemorate, but to be the ingridient of deep sleep. Stereotipes and different narratives are made to serve their purpose. As some could say, to make sure ‘for the sparrows not to come up to the right conclusion.”

8th of March is not an exemption. https://news.cnrs.fr/articles/womens-day-the-true-story-of-march-8th

Our life attitude should be to practice togetherness, to balance our interests, to diminish greed and ravenous selfish desires. That is what we should be doing EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY. If we manage that every day will BECOME WOMAN’S AND MANS DAY! NO DIVISIONS!

Let me share one story that is showing how the genuine, beautiful soul, unique, deep and emotional woman reacts. That is what is called humanity and it shoul be practiced every day! Just recently I saw another friend, a man , who as a retired person was a volunteer in the hospital for a day. Absolutely beautiful and highly human. So below is the short story.

“8 years ago, before i came here here, i worked as a volunteer in one orphanage in the capital of my country while waiting for my travel documents to process. I remember that there in that orphanage i saw one old man who told me: “Do you believe if i tell you that Jesus Christ is already here on Earth?” I said “i have no idea.” Then he said: “He is, because the devils are very active now.” I did not pay attention to that then, but living through the recent events that we all experienced, and are still experiencing,his words got the deep meaning!

In that orphanage we were not only helping the orphan kids but also the “street kids,”those whose families could not afford to provide them with three daily meals. I will never forget that. You know the feeling of puting smile on their faces (the street kids) when you give them something to eat or you help them clean themselves? It is very hearthwarming and stays inside of you forever. That is at the end what makes us human. One little girl who became close to me told me: “can you adopt me?” Those are the moments I wished I could be a millionaire so I could feed and give shelter to those homeless.”

So, dear all, today is just another day, but it could be special if instead of flowers you help practically someone in need without advertising it.

Than this day could have a meaning.

Happy all days to us humans.





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