March 2023-Some events

Today some 24 years ago the brave 19 NATO countries started bombing one small country Serbia to forcefully steal the part of it

With many events which have happened till the date of the writing of these words, March 24, and that have shown clearly for those who have eyes to see and brains to think the state of the world, the below message of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of March 14, which is self-explanatory, follows the quote of March 7, by the Chinese foreign minister about the invisible hand that is obstructing the peace not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. 

Beginning of the Quote


of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America

to the

Founding Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles (MIR)

Moscow, March 14, 2023

    Dear Friends,

    It gives me great joy to be able to address a brief message to you on the occasion of the establishment of the International Movement of Russophiles.

    The Manifesto of this association begins with a word that seems to have disappeared from Western vocabulary: friendship.

    In this case, it is friendship for the Russian people, shared by so many people throughout the world, and the friendship of the Russian people towards other peoples, in that spirit of brotherhood which finds its foundation in recognizing ourselves as children of the one Eternal Father and as brothers and sisters in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    When the Western Roman Empire lost its political role under the pressure of the barbarian invasions, the baton passed to Constantinople.

    And when the Eastern Roman Empire also fell with the conquest of Byzantium by Mahomet II, it was Moscow that saved its religious and political legacy, with its Saints and Holy Kings.

    The present crisis shows us the collapse of a corrupt West, in which there is no Pope Leo the Great to save its fate, but which still has a destiny, if it can recover its providential mission and recognizes what unites it to the mission of Russia.

    Recent events have shown us that the materialist atheism that devastated the Russian Empire and the world since 1917 — as the Most Blessed Virgin Mary announced at Fatima — has today joined liberalism in the globalist ideology which underlies the delirious project of the New World Order.

    An infernal project, as President Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin rightly pointed out in a recent speech, in which hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite.

    A dystopian society, without past and without future, without faith and without ideals, without culture and without art, without fathers and mothers, without family and spirituality, without teachers and spiritual guides, without either respect for the elderly or hopes for our children.

    We cannot be surprised that, after de-Christianizing the Western world, this elite considers Russia an enemy to be overthrown.

    The Russian Federation undeniably stands as the last bastion of civilization against barbarism, and gathers around it all those nations that do not intend to submit to the colonization of NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and that heap of foundations that have as their purpose the indoctrination of the masses, the manipulation of information, the creation of “colored springs” to destabilize governments legitimately elected and sow chaos, wars and misery as instrumentum regni.

    The recent pandemic farce — conducted with criminal methods that I have not hesitated to denounce since the beginning of 2020 — has been followed by new emergencies — including the Ukrainian crisis — deliberately provoked with the aim of destroying the social and economic fabric of nations, decimating the world population, concentrating control in the hands of an oligarchy that no one has elected and that has perpetrated a real world coup d’état, for which sooner or later it will be called to answer before the world.

    The theorists of this coup have names and faces, starting with George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates.

    Those who today declare that Russia is an enemy consider Europeans, Americans, Australians and Canadians as enemies and treat them as such, persecuting and impoverishing them.

    But while World Economic Forum emissaries in Western governments can legislate against the good of their own citizens and hold world leaders in the palm of their hands, regime change that has been successful in other nations has stopped at Russia’s borders.

    On the other hand, the electoral fraud of 2020 in the United States of America was also indispensable to prevent the confirmation of President Donald Trump, just as in 2013 the deep state and the deep church managed to get Pope Benedict XVI to resign and to elect a person pleasing to the New World Order, the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

    Your commitment must certainly promote Russia’s friendly relations with all peoples, according to that principle of multipolarity which, in a wise long-term political vision, is the best way to combat globalist monopolarity.

    But this friendship, these relations of concord and mutual cooperation, cannot disregard the denunciation of the coup d’état perpetrated against humanity by dangerous subversives whose declared purpose is the establishment of an infernal tyranny, in which hatred of God as well as hatred of man created in His image, illness, death, ignorance, poverty, violence, selfishness, and corruption reign supreme.

    It is the kingdom of the Antichrist.

    This Leviathan must be identified and combated, with an action that involves all free peoples, first of all by rejecting the programmatic points of the Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset with shared initiatives.

    We need an Anti-Globalist Alliance that returns to citizens the power that has been taken from them, and to nations the sovereignty eroded and ceded to the Davos lobby.

    The Russian Federation will play a decisive role in this effort, as will the message that the International Movement of Russophiles will bring to the peoples of the West, which needs to return to being proud of its Faith and proud of the civilization to which Saints Cyril and Methodius also contributed.

    We are fighting an epochal battle: we shall remain under the mantle of the Most Blessed Virgin, the glorious Nikopèia, together with the Archangel St. Michael.

    The victory belongs to Christ, and to those who choose to align themselves under the holy banner of the Cross.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

End of the Quote

Just to add the fact which is not widely known that in his life story the Saint Cyril reports that in then Salonica( circa year 800) all the people were talking in the “clear slav language.” Common sense question arises- who has such astonishing hatred towards Slavs?


On March 20 to March 22, President Xi visited Russia and had extensive meetings with Russian President Putin.

Many things have been signed, some we know and some we guess, and the short exchange between the two Presidents during the departure of President Xi revealed many crucial things! 

Always remember that little things are not critical; they define everything!

President Xi Jinping said to President Vladimir V. Putin: “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years, and we are driving this change together,” To get the reply of President Vladimir V. Putin: ” I agree.”

Then President Xi continued with, ” Please take care, dear friend.”  You can see it here.

The rest of the events you can see developing in front of your eyes and hopefully understand the truthfulness in all those details that are shyly approaching the public. 

Take care, fellow human beings


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