Balloon, sheep, and reversible pyramid

The sooner, the better

No, it’s neither the Chinese balloon nor the usual suspects, the sheep.
But the pyramid is the pyramid.
The balloon I am talking about is connected with the hoover. The balloon gets filled and filled and filled up and then throws out paper while the hoover is sucking it in. And the sheep? The sheep continue to be called investors, and they love it. “He won so much out of so much; her account is showing a profit; he invested in shares that and in shares this.”
Woooow, the others say and want to join the rest of the sheep, ups, and investors to get rich also. That is how the pyramid works, and it was near achieving the perpetual mobile.

But then the pyramid became reversible.

The vertical invisible hand saw it from the top and reversed it until all is gradually sucked in. That is why the point at the end of the reverse pyramid is called – the invisible hand. Vertically positioned invisible hand.

Actually, it is not invisible. It becomes visible to all those that have eyes to see.

Like just before the Christmas of 1913, when the majority of then-elected officials were thinking about where to spend their holidays instead of concentrating on what Act would be voted for and the agreement of July 22nd, 1944, to be abandoned on August 15th, 1971, when the United States just terminated the USD convertibility to the gold. From then on, USD became the fiat currency. Print print print.
That gave the so-called vertical invisible hand a tremendous opportunity to systematically suck in all belongings of the sheep, ups, investors, and “magically” stay slim. Amazing digesting ability. Does not matter about the quantity of paper! Trillions or whatever. The power is in issuing it, not having it! And everybody is afraid to talk about it as regulations, politics, economic policy, etc., protect it…
Different specialists are there to confuse further and never let the fog disappear. Even presidents are puzzled about what and who they are. As Woodrow Wilson pointed out: “The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.” And Mr. W.W. was not alone!
The Secret of that invisible empire to stay slim is simple. Common sense. You know that common sense. Or maybe you are busy counting your profits, ups, losses, and leaving those to get all your wool for free. So, common sense says that they stay slim as they issue and they command the paper. Inflation and deflation and credit! And AI, of course. Do not doubt it. Economy and Finance and so on and so on. Woooow. They use the graduates from world-famous places that are brain-washed and at the same time injected with tons of narcissism and ignorance, so the others, so-called sheep, ups, investors, think they must know something as they are “insiders.” Maybe that was the case for some, just to have the fairytale stories to tell and keep the narrative indefinitely! Like different “dreams,” so that the sheep, ups, investors, want more and more of more to more, but in the end, that more becomes zero as the giant, clever, insidious hoover perfectly works and sucks in all. And then what happens? God forbid this time, but war happens. Disoriented, confused sheep, oh sorry, investors are lost. When they lose all the wool, the time comes to get given the blood also. Tragedy as Chess is not their game. It’s a blackjack.
Can you imagine what would confused, humble, calm, and highly sympathetic sheep, ups, investors talk about if there was no money, bribes, corruption, government-sponsored contracts, and government-controlled contracts? One question arises. Is that the meaning of life? If it is the sheep, ups, investors would lose their life purpose.

If the meaning of life is greed and ignorance for other human beings, then it is a very positive event when that particular meaning is lost. Good luck to all the sheep, ups, investors to whom life fulfillment consists of greed.

For the others, let’s live a life of compassion, respect, and togetherness. Yes, let’s build something of purpose, something that will stay behind us and show the light to future generations. Let’s get rid of vertical and let’s promote a horizontal worldview.
Let’s be kind and positive in all situations. Let’s stop pretending and be ourselves. Let’s radiate the energy of universal ideas and common sense answers. Let’s wake up, and maybe some of the sheep, ups, and investors will also join as they realize that they are being used, being played big time—all of them. To comprehend it, look again and again at the reversible pyramid and start thinking horizontally. It’s infinite and free!

27/3/2023 from

Darko Richard Lancelot


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