How to recover losses? And fast!

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How to recover the losses?
Recently, on the 19th of March 2023, Credit Suisse bank, founded in 1856 by Alfred Escher, was sold to UBS ( Union Bank Switzerland).
What the deal was, how it was executed, why it happened, could it be avoided, and many other things I leave to the different “specialists,” usually prepaid to act as a JOBOX.

The fact is that many investment funds from different countries with cash excess that were looking to invest it somewhere safe lost their money!
Even some resignations have happened due to “personal reasons.”

Follow the link about the resignation of the Chairman of the Saudi National Bank.

No need to make too much of the analysis as long as we know how to sum up all the numbers from 1 to 100! You know 1+2+3…..+98+99+100=?

The largest investor, Saudi National Bank, found a way.

First, their Chairman resigned for “personal reasons,” and then the result was made public.
The result has been produced using the simple and common sense thought of the marriage of the numbers.
So, 1+100=101/ 2+99=101/ 3+98=101… as from 1 to 100, we have 50 couples of 101, the result is obvious. 50×101= 5050.
This was invented by the mind of young Carl Friedrich Gauss, born in the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, and implemented as a methodology behind the decision.

Simple, it means cutting the oil production for as much as needed for the price to go up and to recover the lost money. Less natural resources will be provided to the world markets for more money till the loss is covered. With interest! At the same time the payments comming out of this recovery of lost funds will be exchanged for the currency from the photo, or will be kept in the currency of the “ups” down from the photo, that is the question. To get the answer, use same methodology.

That is called the marriage of numbers! Or simply the OPEC-a plus way! This plus is also quite interesting. Like the BRICS PLUS.

The decision of OPEC-a + to cut production does not show only the rapidly disappearing unipolarity. It shows to those that still have eyes to see and brain to think of the chief suspect behind the banking crisis!
Just do the simple equation of 1+1, and you will see it too! No need for AI or algorithms. Pen, paper and clear mind will do!

Darko Richard Lancelot

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