Time to awake

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“There are no rules. Just follow your heart,” Robin Williams said. But to do that, first make it clean and healthy.

The world would be healthier without the unbridled passion for plunder and the insatiable thirst for the blood of other people and nations. Especially when those who are provoking peaceful people to react and defend their family, their tribe, their country, and their nation’s security understand that it will become fatal, first and foremost, for themselves! You know, “who digs the hole for others…” Always. It is inevitable!

Insanity, hatred, greed, and corruption rule, all covered by “geopolitics” made famous in Mackinder’s “The Geographical Pivot of History,” with the sole idea of looting! Looting is covered with the words “democracy,”” science,” “free elections,” and “democratic process,” or any other concept serving the same purpose! That of looting and enslaving!

That is where the thirst for reducing Russia to 50 million people comes from, confirmed by that creature of a dock worker made president, who flew out because he always wanted to pretend to be innovative from the times of “solidarnost.”

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