To Reform, or to Replace? United Nations at the crossroad.

Is any time still left?

I can’t escape the impression that many events are staged, and only some participants know the actual state of affairs and its fundamental aims. Also, I can’t escape the belief that the invisible hand exists and deliberately collapses many crucial proposals that would lead to solutions to difficult situations that would improve our world. That forces, hidden by tremendous propaganda and raw lies from the confused and brainwashed masses, are known to some crucial but narrow circle of the decision-making people from all countries in the world. Many are slowly organizing themselves to create a multipolar world based on the balance of interests havin’ in the core of it advancing of people and nations of the whole world. The motto is cooperation instead of confrontation. Those forces of destruction can be seen by listening and reading about their representatives, as they use corrupt or blackmailed people full of vanity and sick ambition.

Many organizations that have the prefix “united,” “world,” and “international” in their names have lost their ability and, even more seriously, the trust of the majority of the people and nations of our planet Earth. That is why you can see not only the new blocks created but also their widening scope of existence and members. Currencies that were the “bosses” of the world trade and called reserve currencies are slowly but steadily losing their importance and real value. Even China has reduced its USD treasuries to a little more than eight hundred fifty billion USD, which is amazing: it is a message to adjust and reform the USD system as they want the USA to be one of the essential players in the multipolar world, but at the same time there is a limit in their waiting.
The rest of the world will not allow the destruction that is, at least, it looks like every day that passes, pursued by the bunch of irresponsible people that are masterminds behind the people we see in the news.
Unfortunately, the tendency is that they will continue with the same policies and are pushing more and more toward destruction using all methods available. They are staging serious provocations that can cost them first and then the rest of us our future. The good thing is that serious people from all the spectrum realize how serious the tendency is. They are increasingly trying to reveal the truth and the methods of the invisible hand and those employed by it as much as possible.
We could say that we have an invisible hand fighting against visible humanity!
We, as humanity, will always need someplace where our leaders can meet and discuss and plan the world’s future based, to repeat it, on the balance of interests and not on the narratives based on the welfare of one country that is implying the rule-based unilateral order, where the rules are made by one and are must to be followed by all the others!
That place was up to now United Nations with the headquarters in New York City.
Unfortunately, the United Nations, like all other international organizations, has become so corrupt that it is impossible to agree and implement anything that is decided. UN SC resolutions are used “a la carte” according to the interest and power of particular members. Is that the world we want to live in?
We actually already live in it, so the right question would be: Is this the world we want to continue living in?
Do we want a balance of an interest-based world, or do we want a rule-based world, where rules are equaled with the daily interest of the invisible hand running one country that calls itself exceptional?
So, for those who want to learn, here are some quotes from the people who were the protagonists of many historical events.
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” President Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom.
Below I am sharing a link to a farewell speech by President Dwight D. Eisenhower of 1961 that is crucial for understanding the word balance and all the issues that arose from the unbalanced and super greedy establishments whose motto is: All for us, nothing for the rest! Or, what is ours is ours, and what is yours is ours also.
Many great people warned us about that invisible hand and its aims and achievements. The recent one was the statement of the Chinese Foreign Minister mentioning it.
But the warning is not coming from one side only. Indications and reflecting events that are happening are confirming it day by day. One can conclude that unipolarity has made those serving that invisible hand more dangerous and blind. Is it possible to restore their sight before it is too late? I do hope as I hope from the bottom of my soul that you hope also! Well, it is possible, and it is happening in front of our eyes. Firstly Saudi Arabia and Iran made a deal, secondly, the Chinese Foreign Minister visited the Philippines, looking for the ways to extend cooperation and not confrontation addressing all the issues. So it is Cooperation! Not Confrontation!
Every day there are new revelations, from the way who and how treated the epidemic to who and how planned and organized for the fire to start, and further how they continue adding fuel to the already colossal fire that is threatening to burn us all.
Here you have a highly revealing article explaining who they are, how they got the positions, and how it is possible to control and influence one superpower’s policies. You might get your mosaic ready if you connect it with where they come from and by whose ideas they are affected.
At the same time, from the same author, I am sharing another post to make you all aware of the reaction of some officials demanding jail sentences for Social Media Bosses who do not censor speech. As soon as some social media changed their policies and allowed some common sense people to express themselves, the call for jailing them appeared!
Desperate times call for desperate measures, someone said, omitting to state that in the end, together with methods, the whole system based on threats collapses.
So the system in place will collapse as there will be no more corrupted officials full of sick ambition and, most probably, or better, highly likely driven by blackmail to decide anything that will be against humanity.
The new world order will be based on the balance of interest with the United Nations Headquarters to move somewhere else, let’s say in the triangle between three B’s- Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, with Belgrade being the city to host the new headquarters of the renewed United Nations!
Why Belgrade?
Because Belgrade is the city that was bombarded numerous times in the previous century by both enemies and so-called allies, with the last being in 1999 by the 19 NATO countries without the support of any UN resolution!
Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the most suitable place as it passed numerous disasters and still managed to stay multicultural. It is where all religions live with mutual respect and share the people’s destiny. Believe it or not, as it is worth mentioning, it has the Chief Rabin of the Jewish community who was voluntarily in the army during the NATO aggression of 1999! He did not have to do it as he had the exemption by the law to avoid the mobilization!
This country is stubbornly cherishing its neutrality, refusing to sanction Russia but voting in the UN against the Russian intervention in Ukraine. This country is suffering from the illegal seizure of its part that was realized by unilateral policies of the same people that are today pursuing the policies of destruction and infinite conflict.
Its government issued Conclusions about it on the 25th of February 2022, a brave example of balanced thoughts and showcasing how countries should react.
Here is the link
Also, to avoid the blackmail of any officials, the United Nations Independent Bank should be established to use all the world nations’ currencies, as no universal currency will be accepted. The Bank will be in charge of the finances of all the employees and delegations, thus reducing the possibilities for pressure by any “invisible” hand to the minimum!
Or if all this will not be possible new organization will be formed that will follow the norms of humanity and will not be influenced by any private capital! It will be a new organization with new headquarters promoting a balance of interest as the core principle of international relations!
Budapest and Bucharest could be the places hosting various agencies of the reformed United Nations or the new international organization without any influence of private capital! New Health Organization included. Those two cities have a tradition of diplomacy and patience and are absolutely suitable to act as “co-capitals” of world diplomacy.

Our planet can sustain ten times more people that can be a flywheel for new ideas and progress for all. If someone says differently, it has a secret agenda of Methuselah origin.
Just imagine the possibility of developing the new ideas that a free, humanity-oriented, that compassionate brain can achieve! No AI can do that.
That would be a real togetherness in practice!

As recently the author of the above words had a lot of different conversations with the people who are genuine and compassionate human beings but have been indoctrinated by the lies spread by the “rule-based” centre’s one should be noted. The history of the tragedy that is happening infront of our eyes has different reasons from the propaganda pursued by the same forces. It is the tragedy that has taken many lives and it reminds us of inhuman approach of some officials who stated that 500000 Iragi children that dies during the false flag based USA intervention to Iraq “was worth at.”

The world is moving through tremendous uncertainty but the future that will come will be brighter as the balance of interest will prevail over greed.


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