“Cultural Cooperation”

Cultural Cooperation

What is cultural cooperation? Both words look human and acceptable. The masses can use both words as positive narratives and guiding ideas for life purposes. Nothing wrong? It could be if it were not used to confuse and then bewitch unsuspecting masses innately implanted with goodness and humanity!
How is that done?
By standardizing everything!
Of course, the standards are promoted not by the masses who cherish family values but by the world mafia, which controls the processes.
Why Hitler did not attack Switzerland?
Do you antagonize, or do you follow the orders of your masters?
When standardization takes root, then fear is introduced! The crisis is made!
The environmental crisis, economic crisis, crises of credit, military crisis, health crisis, and wherever you look, there are troubles!
Hatred is planted everywhere, making many increase their stupidity and complete confusion!
I talked just yesterday with my school friend who sent me one of the totally propagandistic articles from the same establishment that wanted to make one Seymour Hersh, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, a liar. The same establishment that published the below article, “The Art of Propaganda,” “coincidentally” on June 22nd, 1941.

For those that do not know, June 22nd, 1941, is the date when Operation Barbarossa started when led by Germany 3.8 million personnel accompanied by more than 3500 tanks, more than 3000 AFVs, more than 4000 aircraft, up to 23435 artillery pieces, up to 17081 mortars, 600000 horses and 600000 vehicles invaded then the Soviet Union.
Someone financed all this force. You can find out who they were in the book “Conjuring Hitler” by Guido Giacomo Preparata.
Why they did it then, today becomes evident again.
Resources. Resources and Resources.
If you take simple statistics, those that want to steal Russia’s resources make up approximately 15% of the world’s population and consume 75% of all the Earth’s resources. And those are the numbers from the beginning of the 21st Century.
That makes the other, the majority of the world population, and that is 85%, have the remaining 25% of the Earth’s resources available.
However, it is not about governments! It is about international bankers and multinational corporations. Their task is to take all the world’s energy, water, and raw material resources and the infrastructure necessary for people’s livelihood! In a word, ENSLAVAMENT!
They know they are losing and can feel that their grip on the world is cracking. That is why they intensified the making of crisis. That is why we are bombarded only by the negative news. Only the information that provokes desperation is promoted. The media keeps informing us about misfortune, disasters, and suffering. That increases our fear of getting involved in politics and the common struggle for good! Most of us think that everything is ruined, including our future. We become apolitical and stop resisting. Like that, they subdue us to their will. We become enslaved people ready for slaughter when the time comes.
They divide; they pit to control, promoting the idea that the planet is overpopulated, brainwashing us to start fighting between ourselves.
They promote the “golden billion” with the story that the Earth can sustain up to three billion people.
One billion to rule, one billion to serve, and one billion to be as spare! It is the product of complete insanity and psychopathic minds that control the issuance of the paper called money.
Now they want AI to help to reduce the population to two billion.
Common sense says that other people are surplus, and the monstrous plan is for them to die from hunger, infections, drugs, alcohol, etc…

That group of utter minority wants to live forever good in abundance by robing the rest of us. Their plan is to destroy Countries, Nations, beliefs and family! In order to promote destruction they are so insidious that they introduce hope! Hope that you might have a ticket to be one of that two or three billion remaining. And many of us get caught up in it, which produces further division. We think that it will not affect us and that we will avoid the disaster. But we will not! All of us will be affected!
Like that, we all become easy prey for them, my friend from the beginning of this article included.
One of the big, huge lies is that “money makes money.”
A very successful narrative that means nothing!
But can we eat money? We eat bread, not money. We eat bread made by the worker who used flower made from, let us say, wheat, to make it.
Money is “escorting the circulation of goods and services. It is a dept! Goods being an asset!
So, by producing dept, the bankers enslave us all! The whole system is made to promote dept!
That dept that is now rising, as per the plan, and will destroy as many are in the new Titanic.
Those that did not come aboard, the mafia wants to destroy!
Wake up!
Be compassionate! Be human! Learn and practice that the highest expression of humanity is to protect others from yourself!
Then we might have a chance; even that in 1905 one of the well-informed people of the time stated:” It’s too late!”
Let’s make him wrong!



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