Astara–Rasht Railway and Geopolitics of Euro Asia

Courtesy of The National News UAE

From the famous article of Harold John Mackinder that caused so many terrible events and cost innumerable lives because of greed of the ruling class of then superpower, till today passed 119 years and 104 years after his summarised theory that says:

“Who rules East Europe commands the heartland;

Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;

Who rules the World-Island commands the world.”

The main and crucial word in this statements of this greedy creature is word “RULE.” There is nowhere word cooperation! Only cooperation that counts for them is: mine is mine and what is yours is also mine, as we are the rullers and we dictate the narratives, norms and laws. That is coming to an end.

Today Iran and Russia signed the agreement to build 162 km railway that will be going through the Caspian Sea coast line and become a part of the North-South corridor, rivaling the Suez canal trade route.

As the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin said:”The unique North-South transport artery, of which the Rasht-Astara railway will become a part, will help to significantly diversify global traffic flows,” 

It’s a sign of growing Russia-Iran ties concentrated for the security and well being of the two countries and its people, as well as all other countries that will be using this corridor for their people advancement and prosperity.

Practical projects always win over the insidious underground organisers of so-called “color revolutions,” that are prepared by the well known forces who will be accountable for all the atrocities done in the past couple of centuries. From French Revolution onwards! And that will be the case. Time is ticking, and fast, as common sense always wins over the corrupted and blackmailed politicians without vision exept own survival.

Mr. Sayyid Ebrahim Raisolsadati the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran confirmed the obvious by saying: “Without a doubt, this agreement is an important and strategic step in the direction of co-operation between Tehran and Moscow.”

The world is changing and those that created Opium wars and various revolutions should be aware that their time is running out.

One part of the world builds and connects balancing their interests, finding the common ground to cooperate, while the other part continues to do what it was doing all this centuries. Blackmailing, Corrupting, Looting, and Destroying is their name of the game. Of course it is covered by debilitate culture that is propagating confrontation and division, and asking to be paid for that. Are we so stupid?

However, no matter how hard they try, they cannot change anything significantly anymore. They can fly their planes following their clients and watching them not to negotiate for peace, having all families as hostages, but that are only the thieves’ last gasps. Those forces are educated to act only from behind as with eye to eye contact they show how insignificant they really are.

But, if they somehow come to their senses, maybe something will come of them. Humanity wish that very much. Not competition but cooperation.

This agreement is another step forward.



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