The last Queen of Cyprus and Christian Sultana (Caterina and Mara)

One night in early 1431 in Smederevo Castle near Belgarde.“Mara, I know that this might be a lot that I ask you to do! I also know that I would not ask you to sacrifice your future if I had some other choice! After so many sleepless nights and internal fight of my soul andContinue reading “The last Queen of Cyprus and Christian Sultana (Caterina and Mara)”

Bank for International Settlements-The Opinion

For many people, the Bank for International Settlements, or short BIS, is unknown, and for as many, it is covered by the veil of secrecy, allowing procreation of many conspiracy theories.So what is the Bank of International Settlements, who created it, and how does it operate?Many publications inform us that BIS has been created, likeContinue reading “Bank for International Settlements-The Opinion”