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For many people, the Bank for International Settlements, or short BIS, is unknown, and for as many, it is covered by the veil of secrecy, allowing procreation of many conspiracy theories.
So what is the Bank of International Settlements, who created it, and how does it operate?
Many publications inform us that BIS has been created, like many other institutions and inventions of human beings, out of necessity.
The first necessity was to cover reparations of Germany after the Great War(1914-1918). However, as it came to existence in 1930 and WWI finished in 1918, the timing, obviously, was not right. But never it is too late. To the human common sense, with some historical knowledge, it looks that desperation to organize somehow Germans defaulted payments for some 12 billion dollars towards allies was behind the bank establishment.
When going through some of the dates and meetings taking place, and reading some of the published books and articles, one can conclude that everything started when Mr. Schacht met Mr. Norman in London on the last day of 1923. Both were remarkable men. Mr.Schacht, six years younger, was just appointed as Reichsbank(German Central Bank) President as Mr. Norman had already three years in his position as Governor of Bank of England. Mr. Norman surprised Mr. Schacht by welcoming him personally to London and accompanying him towards the hotel where Mr.Schacht would stay. It looks like, at least to me, that after exchanging courtesies, one of them said, long before famous Casablanca movie, “…, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” And it was! …… The rest of the article is for subscribers only…Can be found at and it is password protected.

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