Always there is a way

Always there is a way! The way back that is actually the way forward. Let’s play with statistics! Zero states from Africa sanctioned Russia. One state from 49 in Asia sanctioned Russia. Three states from 26 in South America sanctioned Russia, and forty-six out 50 states in Europe sanctioned Russia. One whole continent also sanctionedContinue reading “Always there is a way”

The Bear will not stop

6/10/2022 In the meantime, NordStream pipelines were blown up, and four parts of Ukraine became parts of Russia. Russians decided, like many times before, to step out of the game prepared and executed by those shadow forces which pursue the idea that “politicians can even be brought to yield, either to the glitter of materialContinue reading “The Bear will not stop”

Philosophy of looting-Propaganda

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulated this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Does it reflect what we are seeing today? It is crucial toContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-Propaganda”

Sane or Insane-It is not that you are lying to us, but that you think we believe you

There were always people who wanted to change the world from what it is to what THEY BELIEVE IT SHOULD BE! Sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. At this time, we are facing the second part. Again! They(you know!) managed to position themselves at the places where policy is created and implemented! Intoxicated with powerContinue reading “Sane or Insane-It is not that you are lying to us, but that you think we believe you”

Philosophy of looting-Reality is ticking

Philosophy of looting-Reality knocks at the door While EU parliamentarians do not have anything to do except serve the interests of the groups that finance them and spend their enormous salaries and presents for their wellbeing only, the people that supposed voted for them are preparing for a significant decrease in their economies and theirContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-Reality is ticking”

Philosophy of looting-unpredictable cleanliness

He/ she is clean, honest, and visionary. Does not have anything that could compromise her/him. No lovers, mistress, no bribe money, no”presents” in cash, no other passions. Family man/woman. Is that possible? Oh yes! But not for the system. The system we experience today that exists from Romans does not accept uncompromised people! They areContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-unpredictable cleanliness”

Philosophy of looting-when the unthinkable becomes conceivable

Sir Winston Churchill had a vision. Sir Winston had the vision to attack the Soviet Union immediately after the end of WWII. That vision was planted as a seed to shape the ideas and inspire the actions of the new politicians in the place that Sir Winston ruled. Here is the LINK that explains aContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-when the unthinkable becomes conceivable”

Philosophy of looting-the secret of compromised personalities

It used to be a secret, as the information did not travel fast and was easier to control. Today, control is exercised through manipulation and brain washing of the masses by introducing new words that become stereotypes and affect our behavior. The conceptual power is trying and in many ways succeeding to transfer our soulsContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-the secret of compromised personalities”

Philosophy of looting-“Russia is no longer a reliable partner.”

When looting curve is flattening fast the looters will make as many as possible new statements. Like the title of this post. “Russia is no longer a reliable partner.” Of course. Looters learned to get cheap energy for toilet paper they print and force upon the world. Profits were enormous. Paid with millions of littersContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-“Russia is no longer a reliable partner.””

Awaking is happening

Rulers are in dismay. Rulers know that they ARE EXPENDABLE. They want to present that they fight for democracy, their type of democracy, BUT THEY PLAINLY AND ONLY FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR SURVIVAL! THEY ARE COMPETENT ONLY FOR THAT. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! Those behind them know that also. One is showingContinue reading “Awaking is happening”

Philosophy of looting-In the clutches of fraudsters

It is another brick positioned in the wall of truth! It is clearing many coincidences! It is making the case against the organizators strong and firm. They can go from the highest levels of government but they will be accountable for all lives lost! From this so-called epidemic, Ukraine and beyond! Slavs will unite andContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-In the clutches of fraudsters”

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

One of our followers and readers just send me an article from the Italian written  by Marco Leardi. The link for the article is HERE and you can find English translation below. Conclusions are yours. “Invasive DNA vaccine”. And the judge reinstates the no-vax psychologist “The doctor will be able to return to work despiteContinue reading ““The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.””


Every day we learn more! The question is, why we did not know about it before? So-called – “incident!”It reminds me of Russian planes shot by Turkish F-16s and Syrian air defense provoked by Israeli F-16s. Or about the story in the book of Jeffry Archer, “The Fourth Estate.” Recommend this fantastic book!Namely, Keith TownsendContinue reading “7/11/1944”

Sokollu Mehmed Pasha

Long before American independence Ottoman Empire ruled many places. One of the memorable statesman was a Grand Vizier of three Sultans, Mehmet Pasha Sokollu. Some years ago monument showing two brothers or two close relatives, Mehmed Pasha Sokollu – Sokolovic and Makarije Sokolovic, was unveiled at Andric Grad near Visegrad. Visegrad is a home townContinue reading “Sokollu Mehmed Pasha”