It is finishing, however…

Projection number 1 The west is abandoning its stupidity and stubbornness… Projection 2 The deal will be made, if it is not already made Projection 3 Nuclear World War III is avoided, for now… Projection 4 Nord Stream job will be paid in full. Plus interest. The details might be known after couple of decades,Continue reading “It is finishing, however…”

Peace-Peace means War-War – The Pandemic of Lies

“The truth you know has all been a lie,” said A.D. Aliwat Do not believe? Get some two hours of your time and see part 3 of The Weight of Chains documentary. Find out about the 15 tons- 15000kg of depleted uranium being dropped from the planes of the “brave” 19 NATO member states toContinue reading “Peace-Peace means War-War – The Pandemic of Lies”

Everyone raised their hands on us! What a magnificent surrender!

Throughout recent years, attempts have been made to stifle human initiative and kill the interest in further research by burying us with nonsense and meaningless information and idiotic rules presented as the only truth. Especially the rules about history research! Not knowing the real history makes you vulnerable to the present and absolutely unprotected fromContinue reading “Everyone raised their hands on us! What a magnificent surrender!”

Literate or Illiterate? That is the question!

We all run for education, Bolognia’s way of education. Are we better off? Is our world better with all this specific education so many of us received and still receive with even more of specific to the specific in the specific? In a word-Specific! However, did you know that Michael Faraday, that is presented todayContinue reading “Literate or Illiterate? That is the question!”

No Amnesty-The Earth is ours

6/12/2022 Here is another report one should read LINK IS HERE you can easily translate it into any language. Dear fellow humans! So much new information is circulating around us, and we still have issues with how to investigate, whom to believe, and to think clearly with common sense!There is a reason!Again it is inContinue reading “No Amnesty-The Earth is ours”


Warning!  “ONLY THE DEFEATED COMMIT CRIMES!” John Mortimer We have so-called Presidents and Prime Ministers of different countries who thought that they exercise some authority, which they are not! Their popularity is declining so fast that they are in a state of panic!  Their shortsighted ignorance and narcissism burned all the bridges of communication withContinue reading “IT IS THE DARKEST UNDER THE LIGHT!”

Cosmos 2560

So, here is the news. Yesterday night or today very early morning depending on which time you consider valid, having in mind for those that do not know that the only place which discusses the concept of Time in the whole world can be found at Lomonosov University, the ANGARA 1.2 light rocket launch tookContinue reading “Cosmos 2560”

All the scoundrels of this world, united!

They are now united! All scoundrels are united! They are united and they are the real and present danger for the Earth! They are not controllable and they will do anything to start World War III! Nuclear War!So, why and how and what and if and everything is important to learn. As those rats, allContinue reading “All the scoundrels of this world, united!”

Sane or insane-Awaking will continue

Florida surgeon general advises against the COVID-19 vaccine for young men. Here is the link In the memorable movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Bill Haydon confess to George Smiley continuing with his observation about the western society. He says: “Do you know what is killing western society, George? Greed and constipation. Moral, political, aesthetic.” AllContinue reading “Sane or insane-Awaking will continue”

Insanity-faces off

FACES OFF! “Politics requires sacrifice. The sacrifice of others, of course.”(House Of Cards) THEY WANT NUCLEAR WAR BUT ARE STILL SHY TO START FIRST!  Before anything, and after many of the readers requested, you can find below( at the end of this article) the full text of Mr. V.V.Putin speech delivered on 30/9/2022. We haveContinue reading “Insanity-faces off”


FALSE FLAG As we have to do with complete morons and insane creatures it is a must that we wake up and start informing ourselves.This does not have to do with any particular country but with the whole Earth.The Americans are approaching the November elections. The current occupiers from the governing side are projected toContinue reading “FALSE FLAG WARNING!”

“Magnificent” Chess Player-“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”

The stage for today’s events was set at the moment when the so-called west understood that the looting of Russia that has been set during the tragic Yeltsin years, would not be possible anymore on the scale that it was. Russia was recklessly robbed with trillions of USD transferred to the west and its dominionsContinue reading ““Magnificent” Chess Player-“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy””