Green Pass/Safe Pass/Code Pass/

Are we sane? Do we realize where this all is going? Do we comprehend that no matter about so called science represented by idiots, we are not walking but running towards abyss! The concept guys planners and practitioners managed for many of us to get the liquid. Now when is getting obvious that the liquidContinue reading “Green Pass/Safe Pass/Code Pass/”

To enhance or to suppress?

In recent weeks many beautiful events have occurred that made me more confident that HUMANITY WILL PREVAIL!Meeting people with different backgrounds, speaking different languages, having different life experiences helped me realize that we all have one thing in common!Need for LOVE AND TOGETHERNESS!I will publish the stories of two recent trips soon as they willContinue reading “To enhance or to suppress?”

Pythagoras and variants II-MUU is here

In my short article”Pythagoras and Variants,” published just two months ago, there is a mention of Pythagoras theorem and Greek Alphabet.It was written before Afghanistan and before Putin and Baiden and Xi talks.Well, I must say that it was omitted to mention one crucial letter of the same alphabet, which is indirectly mentioned in termsContinue reading “Pythagoras and variants II-MUU is here”

A for Afghanistan and B for Biden

There are many comments from many critics of current USA President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw the US Army from Afghanistan. Obviously, Afghanistan was a lucrative business opportunity for many in the upper and lower echelons of the establishment. Tax-free, duty-free profits in the range of two thousand percent at least, and beyond comprehension amountContinue reading “A for Afghanistan and B for Biden”