"I love her with my ears"

Title is from Branko Miljkovic poem ” In vane I wake her” Sometime ago I had a talk what is more important than love? That is the question we in our civilisation ask ourselves and others many times. We see love as universal feeling not measurable by anything. So how comes that something can beContinue reading “"I love her with my ears"”

Mihai Eminescu "Of all dreams we will dream the happiest"

Mihai Eminescu is back! He is always ready to be back! When the soul is at the right place and working, we are ready to welcome magicians back! One of those magicians is Mihai Eminescu.”The godfather of modern Romanian language”. Mihai Eminescu was called many names like “Romanian Shakespeare” and “The last Romantic”. I thinkContinue reading “Mihai Eminescu "Of all dreams we will dream the happiest"”

Mehmed Pasha Sokollu and Makarije Sokolovic

A little more than a year ago monument showing two brothers, Mehmed Pasha Sokollu – Sokolovic and Makarije Sokolovic was unveiled at Andric Grad near Visegrad. Visegrad is a home town of Sokolovic Family famous for its bridge build by Josif, Koca Mimar Sinan Aga for the account of Sokolu Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. In theContinue reading “Mehmed Pasha Sokollu and Makarije Sokolovic”

16th century Cyprus and Serbs in Ottoman Empire

Did you know that when Ottoman Empire conquered Cyprus from Venice in 1571 Grand Vizier was Sokolu Mehmed Pasha and that the commander of the Ottoman army was Mustafa Lala Pasha both from Bosnia with Serbian origin. They like Pertev Mehmed Pasha, Piyale Mehmed Pasha, Zal Mahmud Pasha and Huseyin Pasha who also were ofContinue reading “16th century Cyprus and Serbs in Ottoman Empire”

Did you know

CODE NAME TRICYCLE Did you know that inspiration for Ian Fleming character for James Bond was Dusko Popov a Serb, with British intelligence under Sir Stewart Graham Menzies known by code name Tricycle! He had another two code names. Yugoslav secret services used Du┼íko and Abwer (German military intelligence) used code name Ivan( that wasContinue reading “Did you know”

Where will you be in ten years time

This title meant to be a speech delivered during a section on public speaking in one of the universities in Cyprus. As I could not attend, speech was never delivered, but the paper stayed in my wallet, most probably as a sign not to be forgotten and to be delivered to the public not asContinue reading “Where will you be in ten years time”