Sunday. Maybe there should not be Sunday. Maybe Sunday should be canceled as it allows people to relax and think clearly.However, manipulators are so sure that manipulation became so much interwoven as DNA and RNA spiral inside of us, that they sleep well with Sunday being a kind of free day. Nikolaj Velimirovic, late SerbianContinue reading “Sunday”

Playing with the words-Chauvinism and Nationalism

Chauvinism and Nationalism “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” George Orwell, 1984 Most of us around were educated that word nationalism represents something terrible and nasty.Most of us do not even consider to analyze what word nationalism represents. Furthermore, most of us do not bother to investigate if the meaning of the wordContinue reading “Playing with the words-Chauvinism and Nationalism”

Leonardo da Vinci, Lefkara village lace and The last Supper mural

Lefkara village is first mentioned 1134 in the testament of Saint Neophytos, who was born in the nearby village of Kato Drys. In the neighborhood, you can also find Neolithic archaeological remains forming exceptional, inspirational energy ready to be shared with visitors, both from Cyprus and abroad.The legend says that Leonardo Da Vinci visited CyprusContinue reading “Leonardo da Vinci, Lefkara village lace and The last Supper mural”