The Beauty of goodness

Beautiful humble people! Just saw this short story published by dear Mr. Dragan Stosic and decided to share it with you. Reminded me of an article of our alluring reader called “Recycling the Values”. Those values we somehow forgot. Those values passed to us by our parents and great partners. Those “small things” which areContinue reading “The Beauty of goodness”

Game of Life

“It was Time’s morning,When there nothing was;Nor sand, nor sea,Nor cooling billows.Earth there was not,Nor heaven above.The Ginungagap was,But grass nowhere.” There was a giant, Ymer, in existence! “What did Ymer eat? It seems there was also a cow, Audhumla. And what did she eat? Well, there was also some salt….” Extract from “Younger Edda”,Continue reading “Game of Life”

Contribution to the thoughts about existence

There are books you buy and place on your bookshelf awaiting the right time to read, awaiting the right time to meet each other. Like when you think about the lady and the way to invite her for the first date. You are not asking till the day when somehow, all is in the place,Continue reading “Contribution to the thoughts about existence”

Sultana Marija Mara Brankovic

Did you know that Serbian Princes Mara Brankovic was the third wife of Sultan Murat II? Mara Brankovic or Sultana Marija or Despina Hatun was the daughter of Serbian Despot Djuradj Brankovic and step mother of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. When very young future Sultan Mehmed lost his mother and Mara Brankovic was in chargeContinue reading “Sultana Marija Mara Brankovic”