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Chopin and Eminescu

Chopin and Eminescu, Mihai and Frederic could be called magicians of mankind! Beautiful, genuine, human, with common sense, yet with dose, big dose of impulsiveness like all geniuses have,awake, nervous and charming, beautiful, restless, magic minds.
Creators of unique opus to stay for all the life span of humans and beyond. One with music the other with words. One more known in the West the other less, but both with unique thoughts, both unhappy in love, both with pain and loneliness, and love for life, both born and died in the age of Romanticism.
Frederik Frantizek Chopin was born 1st of March 1810 and died 17th of October 1849 , 39 years old.
Mihail Eminovici was born 15th of January 1850 and died 15th of June 1889. He was 39 years of age.
Chopin died , and after a couple of months Eminescu was born. Like some divine force had a thought not to leave our tiny planet without immortal beautiful minds. Furthermore the same force decided to change the longitude and latitude as well as the means of communication with the rest of us, the people.

Namely from Poland to Romania and from music to poems !
To move from “ joy for the ears” to “ joy for the eyes” both in charge of developing our awareness . Awakening us.
And the same force have managed to trigger the talent they possessed by injecting two important ingredients :

Both being in charge of producing extremely intense feelings which they both knew how to present to outside
world but with cost to themselves. Looks like that was their mission! Their purpouse! Both were like butterflies, trying to accomplish as many works as possible before leaving us. They were able to leave us with tremendous legacy. Let’s mention that Eminescu was called Romanian Shakespeare in those days ,as today we could call him ,using modern expression, LIFE COACH!
Both preferred loneliness except when with woman they loved. Potocka and Mickle Veronica and Delfina .
Both had as Eminescu said “ cold friends and warm foes”!
Both have left us with renewable feelings of exaltation, eminence ,joy and sorrow ,visions ! Rebellion and hope!
Chopin in his sonata B moll combined demons , dark games of evil forces , remembrance of serenity ,
quiet days in the middle of most difficult life tribulations , finishing it with kind of posthumous marsh ,fast and powerful like storm.
Eminescu in his Luceaferul (mild Lucifer!)masterpiece , his “philosophy of love “ starting it as fairytale , and showing down desires and rejection even when immortality was on offer! Refusing it or exchanging it, losing it “for but one kiss of thine !”
And they never ever stop loving and missing their countries Romania and Poland!

Eminescu inspired Romanians with his poems , his thoughts, his deep analysis of Romanian mentality. It is hard to explain as it is hard to be Romanian.
True patriots both were ! Very rare human trait today.

Chopin like Eminescu felt somehow condensed , away from Poland . Maybe thus nothing in Chopin music is not calculated for outside expressions as it has deep inner value!
At his funeral Polish soil he carried in a silver box was sprinkled to his coffin . Powerful message to all.

Eminescu poems have the same effect ! His words penetrating the deep , sleepy , places in our soul !
And pain , lot’s of pain first for not experiencing true love , than fear of being rejected and then when , they thought, love has come , it happened to be unfulfilled ,tearing them apart.
Chopin left us with immortal opus and explained him self by following statement in the letter toward Countess Delfina Potocka :
“Bach is like an astronomer who is finding the most beautiful stars using numbers . Beethoven takes whole universe with the strength of his spirit . I do not climb so high. I have decided long ago that my
universe will be human soul and heart !”
Eminescu immortality is here to stay as
“Godfather of modern Romanian language” and a person who, like many,very many of us, experienced pain and had it as an inspiration, as it did not know what to do with it at the first moments.
“What is love? Just another way to have pain.”
And if …
“And if my window feels the branch
Of a stuttering poplar tree,
It is to make me dream once more
Of clasping you to me.

And if the stars glow on the lake
And light its darkling shoal,
It is to flood my mind with peace
And quell my roiling soul.
And if the clouds draw themselves back
To let the moon blaze through,
It is to make my heart recall
How hard I ache for you.”
The Original:
Şi dacă…
“Şi dacă ramuri bat în geam
Şi se cutremur plopii,

E ca în minte să te am
Şi-ncet să te apropii.
Şi dacă stele bat în lac
Adâncu-i luminându-l,
E ca durerea mea s-o-mpac
Înseninându-mi gândul.
Şi dacă norii deşi se duc
De iese-n luciu luna,
E ca aminte să-mi aduc
De tine-ntotdeauna.”

We have our life , our everyday obligations ,nervousness and happiness , sorrow and joy, explainable and not explainable unconscious and who knows how many other feelings as we get lost in trying to comprehend what are we and where are we going ! Instead, maybe, just to live the life of love !

And then by listening music of Chopin and reading poems of Eminescu we understand that music and poetry expressing romance and love is making us stay alive ! Making us proceed with vigor and awareness of the beauty of life !
At Victoria and Albert museum in London there is a quote above the entrance door which says
“The excellence of every art must consist in the complete accomplishment of its purpose”
Both Eminescu and Chopin have achieved that!
Each and everyone of you could conclude about their achievements alone and ,why not ,share ,discuss it with more people ! And that will give you the answer to what was the purpose of their life, helping you finding yours !

Philosophy of good news

First published in 2017 and now Novemver 2019 republished with some changed

All rights reserved

Can use parts of the article after written permission of philosophyofgoodnews

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