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“Time takes more converts than a reason” said Thomas Paine in his pamphlet “Common Sense” At the same time we are witnesses that somehow common sense is not so common. Here is the opportunity.! For 10$ only! First time ever! Personalised eBook Quarantine diaries plus Subscription for 24 months. You have the opportunity to contribute by sending one personalised day diary page which we will include in the ebook and send it to you in pdf format. Like that each book will be unique and will bear your name at the bottom of your personalised page if you wish so, to stay for your loved ones to read! We live not for today but for the future. We are what we leave behind us! Take the opportunity and contribute with your personal day diary page! Let the knowledge spread!

Quarantine diaries “To conform or to confront” ! Place the order for the eBook to be published by 31/1/2021 and Subscribe to enjoy articles about extremely inspirational events, people and information not widely known. Connect and investigate by your self! Grow with us!


The eBook is in English but your personal diary page can be in ANY language!!! USE THIS OPPORTUNITY!

When you order the eBook please send email to : to enable us to send you an eBook with unique message and number. You will have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts to the book. It is called a personal day diary! So each book will have a unique pages done by you! Memories to stay with your loved ones!

At the same time you will be supplied with password for each new article under subscription for the period of 24 months.

Enjoy! And as Bob Dylan said: “Stay Observant”

We live at the times of revelations! Many of you know about Pasteur and few about the real scientist, friend with the nature and balance, deep humanist Antony Bechamp!

All is written somewhere and published! By getting the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you will have the tool to investigate further, learn more and be aware even much more. No Lockdowns or Social Distancing will stop Awaking!



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