Nikola Tesla and common sense

Tesla at Colorado springs
Courtesy of Nikola Tesla museum Belgrade

LIGHT, BEAUTY, LOVE and COMPASSION! TESLA vision,free Internet and advance of humanity

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, magician of human time had a vision for our advance!

He was a kind of Samurai. Working alone, sharing his thoughts with only few people and going “SAM U RAJ”. In Serbian means “ALONE IN PARADISE”.

The interest in life of Nikola Tesla never stops. Some people are just now learning about him and some will be learning.

He visualized his thoughts putting it in to the practice all the time.

In 1904 Tesla writes for the ELECTRICAL WORLD : “The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires ” saying that the Earth,even with the size it has,responds to electrical currents like a small metal ball.” That was 1904 !

“Somebody says God and somebody says laws of Phisics”

When asked if he is religious he replied:

“I am deeply religious man. I believe in one God which is not described in any of existing religions”

He knew that the future will be his!

“I am working for the future” he said!
He also knew the system.
He knew the people from the deep inside of the system.He knew that greed could cost us our existence and he never revealed how his weapons could be made. He had so called “open vacuum tubes” where he actually produced vacuum using tubes geometry combined with electromagnetic fields making car running without any fuel. To repeat- Without any fuel. It looks like he was playing with the nature and as he had a fine tuned attitude towards it ,the nature let him to understand it’s mechanisms knowing that Nikola would never”sell” that trust. To repeat, he probed in 1931 radiant energy car ( Radiant energy is energy that travels by waves or particles, particularly electromagnetic radiation) with no fuel and using tubes as convertors of energy of vibration.

Even that he knew the secret of planetary energy he never revealed it to the people of the time.

The younger brother of the father of Mr.Donald Trump , Mr. John G. Trump , who was the head of research at MIT( Massachusetts Institute of technology) decleared after examining Tesla Papers taken from his hotel suite after his death 7th of January 1943, that there was no evidence except rumours that Tesla actualy developed “Death ray” particle beam weapon. To believe or not to believe that is the question, especially when you find out in newly declassified FBI Tesla files that FBI was not in charge of collecting and examining Tesla documents.

Courtesy of Museum Nikola Tesla Belgrade

But even so some “popular” weapons are invented from the hints he left making him very disappointed and lonely.

He even tried to prevent second world war and offered then British Prime minister Neville Chamberlain his so called ” wall of Ionic plasma” or “Scalare Interferometer” as a protection of any penetration in the air space. Technical stuff I will leave to you readers to Investigate further,but will mention that Mr. Chamberlain accepted the offer and allocate for those days astonishing 200.000.000 USD ( two hundred million dollars) for stations to emit potentials throughout UK. It was just before Munich agreement and soon after Mr. Chamberlain resigned and for some short time Mr. Baldwin got the Prime minister position. As he was a man from the navy, and when he saw the amount allocated to Nikola Tesla he cancelled the agreement saying that it is not acceptable to entrust the defences of Great Britain to the 80 year old man. He instructed for the funds to be used for ship building instead.

Tesla, that brilliant man, had in mind what St.Augustinus in his Confessions sixth century A.D. said, that this world did not originate in time but from time. He also knew that to fight, some say inherited aggression of humans and need of human to subdue other humans for egoistic interest is possible. He had a vision and knew how to leave behind him the ideas, structures, hints which will firstly be used as profit making tools thus giving the impression to the oligarchs that they are in control and dizzy from their success and wealth not to be able to comprehend that the process which started will in some stage become the tool for expanding free thought, ideas and advance of humanity. Like Internet.
Internet today is the biggest community on earth. In 2018 the estimate is that 4.1 billion people or 54% of the world population are using it. And it is growing!
Those that comprehend that and other irreversible processes occurring, even today, will still have time to adjust, hopefully.

Many analysis, hypothesis and facts have been written about Nikola Tesla the son of Serbian orthodox priest Milutin Tesla and Djuka Tesla (Nee Mandic).
More will definitely follow as his legacy is practically deep affecting our everyday life which without his inventions and projections, vision and mentality would not be possible.
He was a master of human behaviour as well. He introduced new and projected further advance of technology. Knowing that he will not be recognised during his life as Edison was, he as a comer to America, found out with his inborn ability to foresight what was needed to be done, utilizing and combining a desire for profit and power of different financiers with the general advance of humanity. And he left us with numerous interviews with then “alternative” newspapers!

Reading between the lines was one of the virtues he has learned! He abandoned famous Graz University of Technology over, not only the dispute with his professor about “Gramme dynamo” and his vision of induction motor or ASYNCHRONOUS motor but also having his own ideas about life and experiences.
He was reading and definitely comprehending the book of “mysterious Serbian” ( From ” The Morning of the Magicians” book page 350) The theory of Natural Philosophy which this independent student of Jesuit College Of Rome Rudjer Boskovic wrote and published in Vienna 1758. His thoughts were based on idea of DISCONTINUITY whereas German philosophers who were leading the research up to the First World War believed in “continuous structure”. He came through with an account of light, magnetism, electricity, chemical phenomena some discovered since some still in waiting to be discovered, having also provided clear and scientific translation of alchemist language.
Mentality does not recognise time! Or it does?

Nikola Tesla was highly aware of tremendous possibilities of his inventions that he did not want only one country to have it. He knew that he could become culpable for letting it happen. This could be the reason that some of his inventions were registered in Soviet Union at the time. They say there are four of them which exist without possibility to go in to details yet.

Does just some months months ago a new announced weapon systems by Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin have to do with some of Tesla ideas?

He said that they ( Russia) are interested in normal constructive interaction with the United States and the European Union and that are expecting that common sense will prevail and that the partners will choose fair and equal cooperation… ” Our policy will never be based on aspirations for exceptionalism, we are defending our interests and respect the interests of other countries “

It remainded me of an event occurred 1622 when, it is said, the posters covered Paris stating:

“We, deputies of the principal College of Brethren of the Rosy Cross are amongst you in this town, visibly and invisibly, through the grace of the Most High to whom the hearts of all just men are turned, in order to save our fellow men from the error of death”
Even considered as a joke at the time by other non-informed people this announcement was a sign that Rosicrucian’s possessed secrets (transmutation of metals, prolongation of life, telepathy etc…)
If the technological advancement revealed by Mr.Putin in the sphere of military which precedes development of the same for civilian use is accurate, than there fundamental question is to be answered. What has happened with the education system of the West?
Here is part of US General Education Board statement from 1906:
“The present education conventions (intellectual and character education)fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is very simple… we will organise children… and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.” No need to comment.

Years have passed and since the pressure from laity was growing the “concept” guys started “producing” ,as Nicholas Taleb explained in his article, “The intellectual yet idiot”. You can follow the link below and read the article. Common sense.


In his essays Michel de Montaigne gives to us an account of Persians by Xenophon where you learn that Persians taught their children virtue, as other nations do letters.
“Plato tells us that the eldest son in their Royal succession was thus brought up; after his birth he was delivered not to women, but to eunuchs or the greatest authority about their Kings for their virtue, whose charge it was to keep his body healthful and in good plight; and after he came to the seven years of age, to teach him to ride and to go a-hunting. When he arrived at fourteen he was transferred into the hands of four, the wisest, the most just, the most temperate, and most valiant of the nation: of whom the first was to instruct him in religion, the second to be always upright and sincere, the third to conquer his appetites and desires, and the fourth to despise all danger.”
Or to mention Mr. Carroll Quigley and his book Tragedy and Hope to illustrate the time that Nikola Tesla was living in.
“A few things do seem evident, notably that the twentieth century now forming is utterly different from the nineteenth century and that the age of transition between the two was one of the most awful periods in all human history(we know). Some, looking back on the nineteenth century across the horrors of the age of transition may regard it with nostalgia or even envy. But the XIX Century was, however hopeful in its general processes, a period of materialism, false values, hypocrisy, and selected vices.
It was the working of these underlying evils that eventually destroyed the century’s hopeful qualities and emerged in all their nakedness to become dominant in 1914( beginning of First World War- directed not by those we are falsely taught but by the winners…). Nothing is more revealing of the XIX Century than misguided complacency and optimism of 1913 and early 1914 and misconceptions with which the world’s leaders went to war in August of 1914.“

Tesla comprehended how the system operates, and lived to be the witness of America’s decision to enter First World War when then US President Woodrow Wilson won ellections by promising to keep USA out of war and then, just immediately after election win and under the influence of Colonel Edward M. House opted to enter the First World War.

The same was with continuation of First World War which was obviously the Second World War. That America did not want to be influenced but to influence. It managed to form new structure like Federal Reserve thus making easier to influence others. But even that and current try to introduce crypto currencies will pass! New humanity is being born and this is process Nikola Tesla initiated.

Photo of Philosophyofgoodnews taken at Sachi and Sachi gallery London

No regulations can disturb further development of internet and spread of the knowledge to ALL the people. Even that concept has been made to make us consume our time trying to follow corrupted existential material obligations being cleverly presented to us as “life style”, “way of living” etc.. as supply is controlled and mechanisms made to protect the issuers of “thin air”, we will get rid of false values.

There are people in this world that take serious our Earth and life on it. Concept is changing…Maybe, the process is postponed due to concerns and antagonism of concepts but it is irreversible! And Nikola Tesla knew that.

Long live Tesliana!

More of Tesla will follow

First published in February 2019 and republished with some changes 21/11/2019

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