Where will you be in ten years time

This title meant to be a speech delivered during a section on public speaking in one of the universities in Cyprus. As I could not attend, speech was never delivered, but the paper stayed in my wallet, most probably as a sign not to be forgotten and to be delivered to the public not as a speech but as a short essay. Or if the word essay is too much, then let’s baptise it just as thoughts shared.

So decision made and I started to think how to fulfill the promise made first to myself and to write about the future.

I found out that thinking about future at the time of your life where you know the begining and can see the end is not easy. The help is needed! The help of the past! Then you realise how important is to cherish your past and even more important not to forget it! Memories are beautiful when you settle them. All of them have their special place in your soul . Some good, some not so good, some not at all good, some excellent and the rest of those in between all mentioned emotions.

So I started to look at my previous diaries, and there are a lot of them. I read again my essay, written when I was 14 years old, which was valued with the highest mark from memorable professor. Big deal, you would say, but it was, as it became an inspiration to continue writing. Diary, some poems, some short stories, some essays. In general all were “revolutionary” expressing the wish for changing the world, fighting against injustice! Also romantic poems about love and caring. About sharing. About the family values and every day family atmosphere as well as the special feelings during holiday season.Some beautiful warm conversations with my children. Three of them! Unique and refreshing with so much of common sense involved that I had a thought to apply it now and today again and again, as that kind of ideas and thoughts exchange is in short supply today.

Those written words reminded me how nice is to be romantic. Then I remembered the book about Eminescu called “The last Romantic” and started thinking why the word “last”have been used. I felt romantic then as I feel know! So, even after Eminescu there were other romantic people! And after us there will be other romantic human beings! The thought of being romantic overwhelmed me! Romantic in all you do! Something like Don Quixote of great Miguel de Cervantes! Romantic before the Romanticism, at least for me! Different and genuine. Human, something like a Beduin!

And the answer to the question from the title came by itself!

In ten years time I want to continue being Romantic, even if I would be the last one!

As one great speaker in Toastmasters competition said : ” I see something in you!” and I would continue- That you are irreparably romantic!-



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