Mihai Eminescu “Of all dreams we will dream the happiest”

Unique memories

Mihai Eminescu is back! He is always ready to be back! When the soul is at the right place and working, we are ready to welcome magicians back! One of those magicians is Mihai Eminescu.”The godfather of modern Romanian language”. Mihai Eminescu was called many names like “Romanian Shakespeare” and “The last Romantic”. I think that he was “just” simple Mihai Eminescu who pointed out the beauty and pain and hardness and flair and passion of being Romanian. By evincing all those feelings Mihai Eminescu let us have the answer to all our fears about what the life is, who we are and what is the purpose of us being here! That answer is “only” one word! Love!

Love without analysing, love without defining. Just Love as each of us feels it. Feels it! And to feel the love soul is clean and working at the frequency of Love. What is the frequency of Love you might ask. Well, read Eminescu poems. The words are combined in a way to turn your soul into pure love mode. We could say that Mihai Eminescu was precursor of modern life coaching.

Two years passed from the visit to his home town and to Copou Park at Iasi where I had first “encounter” with him and with Veronica Micle.

Mihai Eminescu , born Mihail Eminovici in Botosani some 100 km from Iasi , as one of eleven children of Georghe Eminovici and Raluca Iurascu.

If we agree that the men’s character is formed up to teenage years, there are two events that marked life of young, curious , open minded Romanian Mihai Eminescu.

First being the death of his teacher and his fathers friend Aron Pumnul which happened near him, and second his first love Casandra Elena of Ipotesti.

He expressed him self about those two affairs by writing poems.

“ La moartea lui Aron Pumnul”( At Aron Pumnuls death)which he signs as M.Eminoviciu,privatist and the second, firstly called Elena and then renamed to “De-as avea”(“ I would have”?) which was published in the review “Familia” and signed as Mihai Eminescu. He was 16 years old.

The rest is for historians , linguists , poetry critics to analyse .

We would like to awake , to intensify the feelings of our readers , thus making them to believe in them selves in their abilities in their deep humanity, awaking passion for life, passion for love.

And Mihai Eminescu as poet, as visionary as human being is exactly the person from whom we can learn how important is to be yourself as he said:

“ Past and future ,ever blending

Are the truth side of same page

New start will begin with ending

When you know to learn from age”

( From Glossa 1883)

I am quite sure that all of us men had one Elena, Casandra , Veronica , Mariana , Liliana , Ionela,Gabriela, Mihaela or Stella , like women had Mihai ,John,David, Ionut , Gabriel , Dragos , Valentin , Darko , Stefan , Vasile who have made a strong impression at some moments in our life’s ,thus influencing our future without us realizing it most of the time.

And we all react to that strong feelings .

The beauty of it is that we have Mihai Eminescu poems to enrich our souls, to share all kinds of feelings we might encounter and to enjoy even more the love we feel !

Wake up! Chose your way whatever that might be and fight for that as a human being.

Mihai Eminescu words woven into his poems are a powerful tool for us to awake to feel more intense yet humble and act better as beautiful minds we all are !

And do not be afraid of too much love! Do not question it ! Instead live it! With all your being !

“Remember how in times go by ,

We walked together you and I,

I’d lift you up into my arms ,

So many times , so many times!

The world is full of lovely girls

With fiery eyes which shine like pearls

But be they angels to my view ,

They are not you , they are not you!”

And in Romanian

“Ti-aduci aminte cum pe atunci

Cand ne primblam prin vai si lunci

Te ridicam de subsuori

De atatea ori , de atatea ori ?

In lumea asta sunt femei

Cu ochi ce izvorasc scantei…

Dar , oricat ele sunt de sus,

Ca tine nu-s , ca tine nu-s!”

From “ De ce nu-mi vii” “Why won’t you come”

Even when disappointed ,communicate , express your self , destroy the “mute” button , even when stubborn , love more!

With all your being.

Even in separation “despartire”

“ Yet in a spring the blossom do you remain the while,

With gentle eyes and humid, and tender childish smile;

So much a child , yet seeming each day to younger grow,

And of my fate know nothing , as I too nothing know.”

And in Romanian

“ Ci tu ramai in floare ca luna lui April,

Cu ochii mari si umezi , cu zambet de copil,

Din cat esti de copila sa-ntineresti mereu,

Si nu mai sti da mane , ca nu m-oi sti nici eu.”

Written 1879 as he separated from beautiful Veronica Micle the wife of rector Stefan Micle .

They say that the relationship between them seems to have the intensity of teenage love .

“ On my shoulder you incline

And your lip’s delicious plunder

Raise up willingly to mine.”

And doubts about faith , about how to proceed , about practical issues regarding Victoria two kids .

“ Isn’t our love an abnormality in the worlds state of things , an abnormality for which they try to punish us”( From the book of Secret Correspondence between Mihai and Veronica)

Seems that he found the perfect addressee and have open him self completely using beautiful expressions when explaining his surroundings

“ cold friends and warm foes”

It looks like that we the curious people are “lucky” that two of them had quarrel ,where angry Veronica asked back for the letters she had sent and Mihai complied. And now we can read them even if my personal feeling is that apart from rhymes , the rest should stay secret to help us imagine only!

Mihai , our friend, a friend of humanity have shown us what pain , what love , what passion is capable to do and how all those feelings are unique and strong , and human , and not wrong!

He might lived only 39 years however his “opus” is tens of thousands of pages full of passion, wise thoughts , feelings of all kinds !

Real , so real human being !

In one of his emotional poem called “Immortal poem” Serbian poet Mika Antic is saying

“ In half a century only

yet centuries have I inspected”

Or in Romanian

“ Pentru doar o jumatate de secol,

Secolul a fost de a vizita”

This is exactly what Mihai Eminescu has done!

He did not “ nibble the days like a mouse”

He actually have “widely chewed the air overtaking winds and birds” knowing that

“immortality is short”!

I salute from whole my being the Man who have lived more than century ago and whose words are still immortal !



May 2017

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