Sunrise as new beginning

Just a few days ago we were talking about Christmas. About the meaning and about our habits. Somehow we all connected Christmas with material things. Presents we were receiving, and presents we were presenting to our children, spouse and close family and some friends also. It was like we were trained more to receive presents, reacting like dogs awaiting food in famous Pavlov experiment. Presents and go. Very few of us talked about the atmosphere, about preparing Christmas tree, about stories heard, kisses and admiration exchanged. Love felt. Christmas is not about presents. Our concept of material made it like that. Christmas is about family values and love. Christmas is about forgiving. Christmas is about new beginning.

Some months ago I was attending beautiful, rare in the days we live, fortieth marriage anniversary. Something I was very proud of as, I could see how love can look, and be alive as new, after whole 40 years! It was memorable experience for all of us attending the celebration in Romanian capital of Bucharest. There, as the atmosphere was the one of taking summary of life, all present created beautiful energy, very positive magnetic field enabling us to leave aside our every day issues and concentrate on the substance of life. In one of many opinion sharing the lady, well known TV presenter and actress, convey to me that she has one daughter and that she decided and her underaged daughter accepted, not to buy any more presents. You may ask, what was that which made the daughter to agree. Well it was the exchange! Mother exchanged presents with presenting new experiences! Experiences by learning virtues, excursions, reading and in one word communicating! It was not “Present and go”! It was creating memories to stay. This is what many of us, know middle-aged, experienced in our childhood. Less presents and more communication. Lots of laugh and stories about our parents experiences. Many different games and as a must and the addition to the Christmas, watching NEW YEAR´S concert of the Vienna Philharmonic! Even now and every year we are sitting in front of the TV and enjoying beautiful music together.

But if you are in need to buy presents, then buy something meaningful and practical. Something which will make you and your loved ones closer. Something to make you communicate more and eat less. Something to let you experience togetherness.

I think that Christmas is for that.

After, you see how it goes and decide accordingly. You.might be surprised with the outcome.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and health and happiness to all of the readers.


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