On the road

Being on the road, as we popularly say when on the trip of any kind, is an opportunity to connect with your self first and then armed with positivity and respect, with other people you meet.

First you would need

To “be in love with love”.

To “gain a soul” and then

To “sit on the throne of hearts”

As Emre said.

Trips are for that! Not necessarily by any means of transport. But it is always nice and better to meet people face to face.

We call them, like myself, ordinary people. Those who are working, or looking for job. Those having their everyday obligations and thoughts, kind of problems, issues in life and about life and existence. Those, that people from power are speaking with kindness, but never being familiar.

Well on the road you become familiar. You connect and you respect! That what philosophy of good news is made for!

We meet. We start communicating in any language we know, and we understand each other from the language of our eyes! And smile! Such a beauty has genuine human smile! And we discover! Ourselves and person in front of us.

We discover how we all are just the same! Same fears, same desires, same passion, same small “devils” and same beautiful angels. And curiosity! Ah curiosity! It is moving us in the road called life!

You understand that we all are very fragile and that we all are transient.

Than, maybe, in that moment of awakening, of awareness we live! We really live the life.

On the road !

It is obvious that places and people we see, meet, communicate with when “on the road” do not only make you think about the present and future but also about past, about memories. Somehow those new or could say reborn thoughts become part of you injecting more of wisdom, genuine humanity and understanding of past matters. If you observe people with clean soul and open eyes you will be amazed how easy, how beautiful you will feel even not understanding the language.

And then you could thing differently about the past too. Let’s say that your thoughts are projected towards the person you still somehow love but do not know why. Than you try to find the way to communicate. With nearly all the bridges being destroyed you chose the one, narrow hanging bridge over chasm and start composing words. Your allies are all those known and unknown people from”on the road” and energy you got by observing them with clean soul and open eyes.

And the words flow! Not many but much!

With a day more at the place of my stay, thoughts are accompanying me. I think and I write. Beautiful feeling. And I talk over the phone and learn more.

It is about you as the thoughts go there by themselves. Not that I do not want them to go there! I, secretly show them the path to continue going towards there. Towards the thoughts about you. Becouse you contributed to what I am today. What I write and talk about. How do I communicate with others and how do I see the others. And I want to share it with you. Those words are aimed at that. And about the soup. The ordinary, traditional soup. I tasted it, three years ago, and got the greatest compliment a traveler can get. “You are one of us” the waiter said. And I was there becouse the idea of you sent me there.

I continued with words inspired by very deep feelings.

Offcourse you can give my writings to your friends to read. There is no copyright to that. And even if it was copyrighted I hereby make you free of that obligation. You are free to give it where ever you want. I would prefer that you pass it to your heart and cover it with that beautiful warmth of your soul. It would be good for you and good for me. It would be good for me and good for you.

But what I want usually does not happen. The universe did not arrived at that point yet! But it is approaching. It is approaching…

It is approaching as we are “in love with love” gaining soul and finally “sit in the throne of hearts)

What do we learn? Learn to feel other people, with clean soul and open eyes. As much as they help you, be sure, you help them. That is the time they will call you one of theirs. With genuine beautiful human smile!

Learn not to burn all the bridges. Leave one, narrow, dangerous, but leave the one. Or construct another one!

On the road..


5/1/2020 and 7/1/2020

Connect and Respect

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