“How very wet this water is”

Quote is from “True marvelous land of OZ” by Frank Baum.

Is it obviously obvious? Do we comprehend? Usualy we can not see clearly the object which is just infront of our nose. Majority of us try to find somewhere else something which is usually not that what we are looking for. In the process we lose precious time, becoming even more deranged and suspicious about wide range of issues, not withstanding personal once.

We forget who we are.

We omit to ask ourselves what are we doing here on this earth.

We just forget that we are great species! Who ever is trying to usurp our conscience and implant doubt to the soul that we are not great is just one more of manipulators. One from so called sustainable project. Word sustainable is such a great invention. It comes from the same cuisine where word Progress have been cooked and beautifully presented to humanity.

Those who invented it are those Nicholas Taleb explains in his article from 2016 ( no it is not 1984) called “The intellectual yet idiot”.

However even them are our fellow humans with everyday life issues. They breathe same air and have same concerns. All are like the rest of us. Let’s help them also. Let’s awake that code we all have as humans, that code which is explained by numerous fellow human beings. One of them saying that bravery is to protect your self from others and that humanity is to protect others from yourself!

We are being trained to live the life of survival instead of creation. Even creation is used to pass to us that plastic, not natural origination where people are forced to copy ideas instead to invent them. And all for one purpose. That of personal advancement instead of group amelioration.

Every day we witnessed preasure, rush to nowhere, as we forget that the secret lies inside of us. Think!

Let’s see why banks have the attitude to call you on Friday’s to “remind” you about your open issues. Could they await Monday giving you at least a weekend without bad thoughts? Suggestion! Be calm and forget the call as soon as it is finished. How? Read the book instead short quotes. Quotes are there to inspire you to read more. They are not the source of knowledge. Remember that.

By reading books you will learn to concentrate! You will learn to filter thoughts. And to read between the lines. That means you will go into the very core of the “popular” words…

Like the word progress. Means consumption, material over spiritual values, rule of money out of thin air, rule of “polices” of different Central institutions which are made independent only on paper,but as always are depended of those who actually own, or influence them.

Progress, word progress was introduced to us, humble human species, to manipulate us. To increase to the full our desires thus projecting our weaknesses resulting in fears.

Than word sustainable. It is introduced to increase the fear and division of us, human species. Divided we will be and very easy to control.

Than you start asking questions like

Why me ? I do not want to be poor. I want money. I live for the moment with five houses and six cars and a private plane and boat without asking what is enough !

When we all understand, and it is possible due to internet as Nikola Tesla projected, only togetherness can make you feel safe and individually grow. When we awake the sensors in our soul ,only then,and only then we will comprehend why are we inhabitants on the Earth and where do we go from here.

246 000 000 000 000 – twohundredfortysixtrilon is world dept as of now. We are living at the times of change as infinite becomes finite.

If we awake,majority, we will stop the bus, as someone said, currently in the blind street going towards the wall to crush. It looks like that we are fighting for the seats on the bus hoping that the crush will make us injured but that we will eventually survive.

What are for us to do every day?

Find ,it is a must to find, more time to think about humanity ,our past and our future. About what we will leave behind us instead what we will spend for us. From that thoughts about our past and our future we will develop clear meaning of our life today.

Never forget that there was a past and there will be future. Both are closely connected with every single present time of our life. Those with postulates like ,live for today and today only, are just another product of the same kitchen which introduced such beautifully presented words like progress and sustainability.

Awake and connect and respect and you will see from “small” things how easy is to feel that we are human. Human again. Or human reinvented. What ever it is learn that HUMANITY IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOURSELF. And do not judge. Live! Openly and with great positive thoughts!

And help wherever you can. Voluntarily! Because you ARE Human.

Happy Awakening



Connect and Respect

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