This end of January 2020 early morning at one of the social pages I saw the photo of a friend of mine and somehow got very inspired to write a couple of sentences which I will share with you here.

Namely , like in Mona Lisa painting ,there are some photos where multiply feelings are discovered. Just that the painter has the opportunity to repaint the portrait many times, as at the photografy, the face is there, the expression is settled and few, if any, changes can be made to alter the substance. So the photo of early morning woke up in me following thoughts..

Just great look. Whole book you could write about it I said. To start…

Once upon a time there was, and stil is, living among us, a lady with exceptional character and even better abilities. Quietly fighting for moments of joy and happiness. Like all of us. Her intelligence is high, showed by great sence for humor. Full of dreams, but standing with her both feet on the ground…..

Lady who is doing two jobs having full days, many days. Lady who quietly goes to church and even more quietly believes in human beings. Lady with beautiful, genuine, common sense, inspirational smile, full of wit. Lady you will easely single out in the crowd due to her unique nature.

When I sent her a comment apart from thanking , she informed me, as I let you already know, that this day is a full day for her as it is doing two jobs. In the process of preparing for the day a cup of coffee is an important ritual in the part of the world she lives in. Well, coffee is part of my ritual too. And, sure, of many of you!

Coffee can be an excuse also to meet and talk but at this case, early in the morning, with all this wind arround it is a kind of vitamine injection.

So, feeling that there is a kind of anxious thoughts in her mind of how will the day go I sent her a message which I am sending to all of you out there preparing for work you like or dislike.

Arm your self with smile, let the energy flow, chew the air, breathe with full lungs, and go out there and eat them all!

Enjoy the day as it is only today.

Well tomorrow is also a day, do not forget that!



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