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There are books you buy and place on your bookshelf awaiting the right time to read, awaiting the right time to meet each other. Like when you think about the lady and the way to invite her for the first date. You are not asking till the day when somehow, all is in the place, and it happens without too much thought. Spontaneously we might think, forgetting the power of ideas and the energy which surrounds it.
The Green Face book of Gustav Meyer(Meyerink), an Austrian novelist of late 19th and early 20th century, was not a surprise. It was patiently awaiting me at my bookshelf. It came in my hands just on time, confirming and, at the same time, encouraging me to read it.
I was seeking a kind of confirmation, answer, from some, would say, magic source to the question: What I am doing here?
Usually, asking the right question is already half of the correct answer!
That magic source, at the time of reading and after, was definitely The Green Face book.
It is impregnated with so many wise thoughts transferred to words. The reader forgets for some moments, the story of the book, and starts dreaming on his own. He starts actually using his real abilities, he often thinks that are lost due to the everyday non-essential life obligations. It is somehow a daily burden, instead of joy, deducting such a precious ingredient of this life, of every lifetime.

By reading the novel, I had first, a strange, warm, true impression that time has been added. Thoughts expressed are not only wise but simple, human, awakening. That makes, somehow, your brain to transmute fast and learn even better not to pay attention, not lose precious time.
In most of the cases, we lose time on idiotic, explanations of different “specialists” which are placed to make you doubt everything.
That is making for you to circle around instead to proceed forward. Forcing you to chose, hopelessly, between lie number one and lie number two! Both were placed between us to produce dullness, improving the concept of controlling. Somebody could say, as one of my friends has said: “It is hopeless to try to change the world”. No, it is not!
We need to start from ourselves first!
Surprisingly or just on time at the Green Face book, I found a nice passage which says:
“In a certain sense, people are right to laugh at someone who says he intends to transform mankind. But they overlook the fact that all that is needed is for one person to transform himself root and branch. His achievements will never fade, whether the world recognizes or no. Anyone who does that tears a hole in the established order that will never heal, whether the rest notice it immediately or in a million years. All things that come into being, remain, they only seem to disappear. That is what I want to do, to tear a hole in the net in which mankind has caught itself; and not by preaching, but by escaping from the meshes myself.”
It discusses the very meaning of existence. Our fears, our questions, our disagreements, and agreements. Our yes’s and no’s.
Affair is situated in Holland at the time when it was “flooded with people of all nations”!
To remind that the novel has been written 1916.
And besides from Green “Chidher Green” Face, there is an old Jew shop owner who cast his “eyes downwards” but also upwards. The man who forgot how to cry, but have not yet learned how to smile. There is a manuscript which the main character Mr. Fortunatus Hauberrisser, an Engineer tries to decipher and finds the following passage:
“ Whoever believes he is living for the sake of his children and his children’s children is deceiving himself. It is not true; mankind has not advanced one inch; it only seems to have. There are merely occasional individuals who are more advanced than the rest. To go around in a circle means not making progress. We must break out of the circle, or we will achieve nothing. All they who think that life begins with birth and ends with death cannot even see the circle, how should they break out of it.”

Doubt, all around us. To do this or that? To be one or another? To proceed … where? To turn back or not? To forget or to remember? To be balanced or not?
One is certain! This novel helps the brain working better and smother. It is, would hope very much for those they will read it, transmuting it. And it is awakening us!
As our writer has stated:
“For a thousand years and more men have learned to understand the laws of nature and put it to their service. Happy are they, that have understood the meaning of this labor, namely that the spiritual laws are the same as the physical laws, only an octave higher, for they shall enjoy the fruits of their labor while the others continue to toil, their faces turned towards the earth. The key to power over spiritual nature has been rusting since the flood. It is; wakefulness.
Wakefulness is all……..
The first step towards it is so simple that any child can take it. Only, so-called over-educated have forgotten how to walk and are lame in both feet because they refuse to let go of the crutches they inherited from their forefathers. Forefathers of the educational system we live Wakefulness is all.
Be watchful in all that you do. Think not you are already so. No, you are asleep and dreaming.
Stand firm, gather up your thoughts, and force yourself for one single moment to send sensation coursing through every fiber of your body. You will see when you subconsciously say to your self, “now I am awake.”
That is the first, faltering step on the long road from slavery to omnipotence.
Do not let your self be put off by the fear of failing to reach your goal in this life.”
It is inspiring to acknowledge that man with ideas is not alone! On the contrary, “if one man has an idea, that means that many others will have the same idea at the same time. Thoughts are contagious, even if they are not expressed; perhaps most contagious, even if they are not expressed”.
So dear readers believe in magic!
Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take out fear and awake.
And love! The essence is love in all that you do!

I found in one of our humble reader’s profile, a statement that was written by J.M.Green
“Do you believe in magic?
She asked.
I believe in you, he said.
And you are the closest thing to magic
That I have found.”
So simple, so pure, so human!
Happy Awakening

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