Game of Life


“It was Time’s morning,
When there nothing was;
Nor sand, nor sea,
Nor cooling billows.
Earth there was not,
Nor heaven above.
The Ginungagap was,
But grass nowhere.”

There was a giant, Ymer, in existence!

“What did Ymer eat? It seems there was also a cow, Audhumla. And what did she eat? Well, there was also some salt….”

Extract from “Younger Edda”, a collection of Norse myths written around 1220 by the Icelander Snorri Sturleson suggests that the game started of nothing.

Further, moves started with the game.

Some objects and thoughts were going towards something and the other moving away from the same something, shortening or widening distances.
If we somehow get to understand or discover the law of existence, with the state of our today’s mind, we might gain, but we also might lose. Or we might contribute to the process of our evolution.
Opinions differ.
What is the goal of our existence here? What information has to do with that? How do we come into possession of information? Wherefrom does it occur?
Life is a game!
It is the essence of existence. To return to your own being by playing the game. To become creative!. The goal is to play the game. The goal is evolution through playing.
Even that the game itself only makes sense when you do not know that it is a simulation, by being in the game, you enlarge, expand, increase, evolve, and unfold the natural process of evolution.
The goal of life is not to reach one point but passing the path, finding the way, to that point. Simulation or not, LIFE IS THE GAME.

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