The Beauty of goodness

Beautiful humble people! Just saw this short story published by dear Mr. Dragan Stosic and decided to share it with you. Reminded me of an article of our alluring reader called “Recycling the Values”. Those values we somehow forgot. Those values passed to us by our parents and great partners. Those “small things” which are actually defining everything! Those “simple” things that define everything are when you see a 5 star hotel owner in Ayia Napa helping in cleaning arround swimming pool ! Or an old ex president of one small but important island who checked if he buttoned his jacket when called to receive an award from his fellow citizens. And I will repeat because it is necessary to repeat ! Simple things are not only crucial, they define everything!

And the story goes:

“Paper on both sides of the scale, to prevent anyone from blaming the weight of the paper.
Asked why he had an empty bag under the weights, grandpa Ahmed answered: For justice, because my son, I sell the one in the bag, not the bag. One day we will be asked about a gram of someone else’s property …” Hope so much that this short “simple” story can awake the most beautiful ingredient in our soul. That of justice!!



Connect and Respect

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