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In his”Memoirs Of A Revolutionist” Peter Kropotkin said:

“Sometimes he would advise me to read poetry, and would send me in his letters quantities of verses and whole poems, which he wrote from memory. ‘Read poetry,’ he wrote: ‘poetry makes men better.’ How often, in my later life, I realized the truth of this remark of his! Read poetry: it makes men better.”
To contribute here is a poem of March 2017. It happened one night when I was lying on the grass looking at the stars trying to find out how we react when our love is under scrutiny. And it goes


Tonight I love you,

I feel and write.

Even poems for you

I create

from clean soul

full of love.

I do not interpret !

Nothing to repeat

All genuine , new ,

from deep in me.

Said by words

Felt by heart !

And that is me,

naked as born

I love you tonight!

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow is for sorrow…

Copyright Philosophyofgoodnews

D. K.

March 2017

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