Antologie de Poezie Romana Moderna


The anthology is a real gem! I got it when visiting Iasi in 2017. The time when I “met” Mihai Eminescu and Ioan Creanga at Casa Bolta Rece restaurant. It is called Testament, that what we leave behind, but I can call it an introduction to Romanian language and mentality as it is bilingual and filled with poems. In Romanian and English! From Eminescu, Alecsandri, Stanescu, and Labis. And others like Vieru, Sorescu, Malancioiu, Paunescu, Ivanescu, Bladiana, Mazilescu, Arghezi and Bacovias”Plumb”(Lead) and Es pop “Daca n-as fi fost silit sa vorbesc”(If I hadn’t been forced to speak) and many many more! Real gem!
It helped me to observe better Romanian society and a much more real, beautiful, traditional Romanian soul. Challenging but rewarding, as in the process, I became better then I was. I learned how, in uncertain times, interwoven with a lot of pain and struggle for survival, people are becoming more human and are expressing solidarity much more than usual. It made me prepared to comprehend immediately, to the full, the deep meaning of a friend saying, ” It is hard to be Romanian” a year after when we were celebrating a 100 years of Romanian independence! It made me happy to have so many Romanian friends understanding and sharing all possible and impossible feelings the life offers!
Following is the quote from the introduction!
“Totusi si in aceste natiuni mici se nasc, traiesc si mor oameni care trec prin aceleasi experiente de viata ca si noi ceilalti: imaginatie si plictis, dulce si ama, triumf si tragedie. De fapt, probabil ca aceste simtaminte sunt traite si mai intens in aceste zone, deoarece aceste popoare au fost bantuite de unele din cele mai drastice evenimente ale istoriei umane, aflandu-se prinse intre marile puteri politice.”
And in English: “And yet in those little nations, people are born, live and die through precisely the same set of experiences that we all do: glorious imagination and dull drudgery, sweetness and bitterness, triumph and tragedy. Indeed, perhaps they experience these things more intensely than many of us, for these nations have been subjected to some of the greatest highs and lows in human history, as the unfortunate meat in the sandwich of Great Power politics.”
The times we are living in can make us or to die out of fear or to realize what life is and what are we doing here!
From Jurnal de zi or Daily Jurnal by Raminescu
” Alergam toti in cautarea acelui drum unic
pe care fiecare dintre noi trebuie sa-I
gaseasca singur.
Oare la ce viteza cosmica am ajuns?”
” We are all running seeking that unique way
which every one of us must
find by ourselves.
Pray tell me, what cosmic speed have we reached now?”

And at the same time reflect on our past and think like Es pop in his poem
“Daca n-as fi fost silit sa vorbesc” ( If I hadn’t been forced to speak).
Warmly recommended book!
Iti scoate frica si iti stimuleaza sistemul imunitar!
It takes all fear away, and it is boosting your immune system!
Lectura placuta, Happy reading

Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse


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