Conversation with Italian friend

As the epidemic in the Italian province of Lombardy continues our eyes and ears and all our deep human feelings of solidarity and compassion go first to the people we know there and then to all Italians affected by this terrible situation.
As we know each other for nearly 20 years the first thing I asked, obviously, how is he and his family. All good and under control as we are near but not at the epicenter of infection he replied. We stay at home doing many activities we did not have time to do as we all work a lot. Just two days ago we painted the house inside and now planing some repair outside. Refreshing the place you live in is beautiful as it boosts morale and good, positive energy. More negative ions are produced as some say that when negative ions are increased in the atmosphere our immune system gets a boost. Like after the rain when negative ions fill the atmosphere.

I told him that one way of boosting the immune system is to cut three, four slices of washed Lemon, put it in the cup and cover it with hot water and some ginger. there was a reply by usual smile! Then he sent a photo you can see at the beginning of the article! Plate with traditional Italian macaroni with hot peppers on the top, accompanied by the dosage instruction!
It stated: Three times a day together with the glass or two of wine! Italian way! It continued with the humor about the concept behind it!
“If we have to go away, better with a full stomach!”

We also read a lot and I am trying to learn Chinese language! It will be the fifth language in my portfolio! Then he sent me photos of the books written by Danilo Kis ( Homo Poeticus), Crnjanski ( Migrazioni I and II) and Andric ( Il ponte sulla Drina) proudly letting me know that he is reading again Migrazioni by Crnjanski.

We exchanged information about the virus and all sides of the story including politics, the future, after an epidemic, civil liberties and generally the state of our civilization. There will be a lot of work for all of us we concluded. First psychological and then merging broken pieces with the gold! As per Japanese tradition.
Then we went on to find out who benefits?
That will be seen after the epidemic is finished, even that there are clues already emerging.
In the meantime, we need to stay safe and get more information and educate ourselves to the point of being more human and even more altruistic! It is not me it is us, we concluded.
Hope all of us get to the same conclusion and practice it!

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