Quarantine diaries – Day 8

Day 8
Is it possible that some of the non elected officials want to usurp the power from elected representatives of the people?
Serious question for extreme times?
I have a strong feeling to believe only the elected Presidents who have the power to make decisions!
Only them! Whoever they are and wherever they come from!

People are good!
They intend to believe the doctors!
But as we all are humans, the doctors are human too! So before being the doctor, you should be a human being! Complete human being distinguishing between protecting others from your self!
How do we rate doctors?
Usually, we start with “he or she is a good person”!
Being a good person as per the perception of patients, which is us, all of us for you doctors not to forget, you are to be open-minded, not stubborn, with extensive knowledge, not short-sited, with humble and kind ego, not a narcissist, and even emotionally crippled to be ready to learn and understand that each patient is the unique one, as you choose to deal with other people lives!
Then you can start to talk about practice and knowledge!

It goes without saying that doctors are not politicians, and their explicit work is to cure the patients. Otherwise, they are not doctors. They become something else.

If we still live in a democratic society, elected leaders, like it or not, have all the moral power to lead. Bad or good, does not matter. If we still live in a democracy. Virus or not virus! Peace or not peace! Sun or not Sun! Anything or nothing! That is how democracy works!
That is why real, human, patriotic leaders to whom the people entrusted their destinies are essential.
Those that develop themselves and from leaders become statesmen are precious for the inhabitants of any nation, as they, definitely, by nature, want to leave good deeds behind them. Acts to be remembered for!
That is the category of great people!
Those who think how to step down when they are climbing towards the top, as one brave, wise man who conquered Mount Everest said when asked about his thoughts approaching the top of the world!

There is another question. How deep is the manipulation of consciousness and how is affecting us?
Manipulation is not violence but temptation. You notice that it is very little one can do with logic if the other is not ready to listen, or not ready to accept anything.
And what is the best way to make people not to listen to anything else except what they are told by widely used means of communication?
“Your life is in danger! There is no alternative to that! There is no questioning! It is life!” The most precious thing to all species!
There is a thought that manipulation succeeds when it is hidden, secret.
However, it is succeeding when it targets the existence in the open.
So this is the double responsibility facing people who have to do with human life. This is why all those doctors that are humble, common sensed, highly ethical people are real Heroes! A huge salute to them with the hope that the others will come to the senses and also become real human HEROES!
Humanity does not have anyone to spare! All are us, and we are all!

Do not ignore people opinions!

Even as Benjamin Franklin said that: “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

Let us make the above quote not valid!



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