Quarantine diaries-Day 9

Sour cherry pie, goat cheese, hot peppers, green peppers, smoked fillet, boiled egg, tomato aand multi grain biscuits

Day 9

Enough of politics, or infection, or blame game. That will come. In the mean time we need to eat. Following the human urge for food, yesterday I made sour cherry pie. It is one of the specialities I do. At least it looks special to me! Below is how I made it. It is not a recipe it is just experience sharing!

As there are no fresh sour cherries where I live we settled for frozen ones. So here how it goes.

Put frozen cherries in the bowl and mix it with cinnamon, brown sugar and sour cherry jam. That is my secret. The jam! Not a lot.

Leave it for sour cherries to defrost and start feeling the the baking tray pie crusts in prepared baking tray greased with olive oil.

With each two layers of crusts inject the filler. Till it lasts. Then transfer it to the oven which was preheated to 220 C and leave it in for 20-25 minutes.

You will love it!

And to make this Day 9 even sweater here is the my short and sweet poem called


Sour cherry pie ,you and I
Once upon a time
I made sour cherry pie
Just to try to get your smile.

It was more than expected
as I got also a little attention
and, surprisingly, some genuine affection.

We both learned that sour can become pleasant and sweet
as long as two souls are open to really meet.

And that has happened with your look
with that special angle your lively eyes took.

The rest would be history
If there was a date of expiry.

But, but, but it was just the beginning
giving to sour cherry pie
all the new meaning!

Copyright D.K.

First published 13/8/2019

Republished 20/11/2019

And now!

Just remember!

This is the end of the beginning!

We will prevail!



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