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What are we facing now is the process which will be changing, or better to say, which is changing our priorities and by changing priorities we start to change ourselves.

This situation we live in, is something that is done to us. Freedom is to find a way what to do till this situation cease to exist.

So, we could start to think what is our purpose of existence and to find out what is enough for us to feel fulfilled! That’s freedom.

Further, to find out what is enough we might need to find out, to face directly and bluntly, who we really are, what we became and to find out what we want to do with the rest of our lives.

There is a technique where we could try to stay infront of the mirror every day for 15 minutes and see what happens. Maybe not after the first day, but after a couple of days something will happen. You can try and talk with yourself. Freely! You can face your personality and find out how to change that what you think is not representing you.

Freely and openly face yourself. Face fears and thoughts about many different things that are occupying your life. You will be amazed what you discover inside and even more satisfied with the redefinition of your values. Values will become more of a substance and less material! That might make you a genuinely positive person equipped with deep feelings of solidarity and altruism!

Wishing you a healthy discovering of self.

Take care.



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3 thoughts on “About the quote of the day

  1. Great writing about trying to be the best of ourselves. If we think positivitly, we attrack good energy. If we are fine with ourselves, trying to be better in which we think we are come here in this world, we ll be really happy.
    Thanks for make me think…

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