Quarantine diaries-Day 12

Tragedy and Hope

Day 12
It was the day of revaluating memories about the books that shaped many who had the patience to read it at least once. I included!
“Tragedy and Hope” by late Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University published 1966.
To paraphrase the sentence from one of the introductions, if they knew what is in the book, they would never print it. But they never bothered to read as it was huge! Even for the publisher to read it! The name of the author was enough to let the book go to print! They thought that Mr. Quigley was the so-called ” Court Historian.” thus free of any suspicion.
It is more than 1300 pages of wisdom, humanity, patriotism, where he provided real, increasingly important information about, as he called them ” The Group” and their connections and plans towards the whole of the Homo Sapiens species.
This book is an eye-opener. It is the awakening agent! Below is the connection to the Kindle Edition of this great book!

It is real history. It is a contribution to the majority to learn about real history, having in mind what George Orwell said:”Who controls the past controls the future.”
You can find reports on how the secret society of Cecil Rhodes, the diamond and gold magnate, was created. It happened in London in 1891. It aimed to expand the British Empire to all habitable parts of the world and to be run by an elite minority. After the death of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, the society became transnational as English merged with the American money-power elite. Then different thinktanks like the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, Council for Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and United Nations in the USA were established. They were instruments for creating a one-world government, or as we know it today “New World Order” first mentioned by USA President George Herbert Walker Bush.
Many people contributed to the above developments, and Carroll Quigley called them the Anglo American Establishment. He wrote the book with the same title.
However, there are always people from deeper echelons who are following those in front and those behind the scenes. That generation passed away, but the concept recruits new billionaires who think that money can buy everything.
Let’s finish today’s diary with one interesting story, as a food for thought, which late Professor Quigley shared with us.
“Many years ago, when I talked of this matter to my students, all in uniform and preparing to go off to fight Hitler, one of them, who already had a doctorate degree in economics, challenged my view that politics is more fundamental than economics. The problem arose from a discussion of the Nazi slogan “Guns or butter?” I asked him, “If you and I were together in a locked room with a sub-machine gun on one side and a million dollars on the other side, and you were given the first choice, which of these objects would you choose?” He answered, “I would take the million dollars.” When I asked, “Why?,” he replied, “Because anyone would sell the gun for a lot less than a million dollars.” “You don’t know me,” I retorted, “because if I got the gun, I’d leave the room with the money as well!”
From the book

He( Profesor Quigley) was profoundly worried about the “the dilution of academic standards and feared the increasing bureaucratization of education.”
It is not by chance that Nicholas Taleb, the author of the “Black Swan” book, wrote the article “The Intellectual Yet Idiot”.

So, conclusions are yours.
Do not forget Bob Dylan and his ” Stay observant” message.

I hope that there is enough information above to awake your curiosity and boost inspiration to investigate further.
At least we have the internet to find large pieces of information.


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