Quarantine diaries-Day 18

Sun rise, soul rise

Day 18
It is regrettable to realize that complex is not curable.
That one we could call the superiority complex. If we accept that Alfred Adler was right, then the superiority complex is arising from the inferiority complex.
Inferiority to accept other people’s thoughts, writings, poems. It goes to the point of not allowing the people to breathe if it is not suitable to the dear fellow human beings with a wide range of complexities in their character.
Judging all the others is the name of the game.
Instead of judging, it would be the very best for them to look in the mirror and find out who they are! Narcissists or just plain idiots? Or maybe, only, distressed persons who are trying to find a way out by judging all the others instead of themselves.
They are also good people. For themselves, only, one could argue.
Maybe, but it does not make them our enemies. On the contrary, they need help. They lose all the energy in judging if the verses are good or bad if the thoughts are acceptable or not. If you read them, you think that they are the ones running all the courts around. Constitutional court for judging the views of other fellow citizens. Did Orwell write about this as well?
If not, here is the chance!
And it is not enough!
They encourage one another with irony and so-called “intelligent” comments. It is beautiful that they exist. It is highly educational to see what the group of about, let’s say, 40 people can do and how does it behave when together. They call themselves journalists or “communication” experts. When faced with reality, they stay without words as their knowledge is very shallow. They are afraid of more profound insight.
They are scared of change. But the change is here. And thanks God there are journalists and communication people who have the understanding about the coming change.
Change, that is approaching every aspect of our lives.
Reading different comments of all those “specialist” judges, one with common sense statement made me not to lose faith in that group of people, counting 110 that was laughing, showing some psychological issues worth of monitoring.
Namely, a gentleman, men, the men said when faced with “specialist” statistic explanations: “The matter is when will all this finish and if there will be bread on our table!”
It stayed without the answer!
But there were 67 comments based on verses and writings and expressing thoughts. Such an irony that no one of those 110 laughable people did not reply.
Instead of being filled with compassion, solidarity, understanding, and positive energy to encourage people to be creative, those fellow human beings decided that it is better to judge and to laugh with other people’s pain.
“One says one the other says the other. Than statistics comes to help. And then more statistics. How statistics was invented, no one cares. As long as it satisfies their world view. That’s OK. Just no one is obliged to accept anyone’s world view. And expressing views, especially the views downgrading panic, is positive. At least it was.
Please, do not answer by asking questions. Instead, reply with statements. Do not judge! Do not judge people you will be living with tomorrow. This will pass, comments will stay. We will meet with or without masks with or without gloves. Will we become better or worse or stay as we are no one knows. So as said in Quarantine diaries Day 16, using the quote of Jack Kerouac, “Practice kindness all day to everybody, and you will realize you are already in heaven now!” Do not act kindness! Practice it genuinely. It will help you first.



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4 thoughts on “Quarantine diaries-Day 18

  1. I cant understand why there´s people acting as they are good or kind. I cant understand why people can enjoy when other is suffering. People can comment everywhere saying whatever they think too, even when they re wrong, or laugh at what we wrote…but, the question is if that people help us to grow up as a person..not always..We can be critizace for what we say, even when our words are come from heart. Or mind. May be they are only looking for a trivial communication?may be they like to be serpents? may be they are only puppets from a show? to make stadistics in social web?
    May be we must choose people who apport sthg to our lives…
    Again, thank you for make me think!!!
    Greetings…from my soul.

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  2. I was thinking about it..to confort or to confront… If you confort people, they might be happy,You give them what they want.They will always smile at you. Everybody will love you. But you might be not conform at yourself!!
    In the other hand, if you confront people with your actions of thoughts, and you stand at them convinced on what you are doing or what your decision is about shtg…being it good or not, I think, at the end you are the one who are feeling good because you are staying on your line, and surely the others wouldnt tolerate it, Confront someone is always like being the dark sheep, and the consequence is that if you confront people you re always be alone…. Or might be if you confront someone, they would think about it and at the end you could contribute to open their mind?

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