Quarantine diaries-Day 21

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Are we drinking water or oil?
No, it is not an environmentalist thought.
It is about oil. It is about the commodity that gave an advance to our civilization but, at the same time, took more lives than all coronas together.
Fighting and fighting and again fighting! Brake even price for one loss for another one.
Calm down!
What will you do with all this oil when there will be no people to use it!
Oil business started of curiosity became a necessity, transferred to greed.

As Daniel Yergin in his unique, fantastic book ” The Prize-The epic quest for oil and power,” stated, ” There was a matter of the missing $526.08.”
It was an unpaid amount towards one chemist who researched the use of so-called “rock oil.” From there on many things have happened
I read the book in 1994, and again another four times with not countable moments when going back to read some of the parts to refresh my mind how the world works! When I understand that I will become too much of the Romantic, I was going back to this precious, beautifully written book to take me down to the earth and to inspire me to do some business deals needed for the men to survive.
The other book, of the same gentleman, a continuation of the first, published some 20 years after, was a disappointment.
He managed to mention one Medvedev in three pages and Nikola Tesla only in two out of more than 700 pages.
But, at the time of writing, Medvedev was more useful than Nikola Tesla, isn’t he?
Looking from this perspective, with or without a virus, with or without social distancing, with or without masks and gloves, with or better without vaccines financed by declared euphemists, it is quite disappointing to see how disorder and somehow hidden hate prevails over the goodness of men!
It could be because of Nikola Tesla’s innate feeling and struggle for FREE energy FOR ALL!
If this is “eccentric,” than it is great to be judged and called “eccentric.”
So instead of the second book of the above gentleman, I strongly recommend the book of Jhon J. O’Neill ” Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla.” It looks incredible that you can not get a kindle edition!
So instead of oil and 500 000 000 000 $ ( woooow) reserves in here and in there, below you will find a couple of lines about Nikola Tesla with one small curiosity involving the uncle of President Trump.
“I am working for the future,” he said!
He also knew the system.
He knew the people from the deep inside of the system. He knew that greed could cost us our existence, and he never revealed how his weapons could be made. He had so-called “open vacuum tubes,” where he produced vacuum using tubes geometry combined with electromagnetic fields making car running without any fuel. To repeat- Without any fuel. It looks like he was playing with nature, and as he had an exceptional tuned attitude towards it, nature let him understand it’s mechanisms knowing that Nikola would never”sell” that trust. To repeat, he probed in 1931 radiant energy car ( Radiant energy is an energy that travels by waves or particles, particularly electromagnetic radiation) with no fuel and using tubes as converters of the power of vibration.
Another curiosity is that the younger brother of the father of Mr.Donald Trump, Mr. John G. Trump was the first to visit Nikola Tesla hotel room and take documents.
He was the head of research at MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). After examining Tesla Papers taken from his hotel suite after his death 7th of January 1943, that there was no evidence except rumors that Tesla actually developed a “Deathray” particle beam weapon. To believe or not to believe that is the question, especially when you find out in newly declassified FBI Tesla files that the FBI was not in charge of collecting and examining Tesla documents. Army was.
Today while experiencing quarantine and social distancing, many of us think how nice it is for the Earth to recover from “abusive” human species. They omit to notice that those human species which are acting like that are minority wanting to get rid of the majority by reducing us to the maximum one billion. With the above number being negotiable.
Do not let the mind to be captured by manipulation and fear!

Quarantine diaries will continue as the book is being prepared to be the witness of an experiment done to us.
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