Quarantine diaries-Day 23

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Day 23
As we are in quarantine world is changing. People are organizing what they can, with people who want this world clean of that 1% who want to control another 99% are trying to pick up the pieces and thinking about different models for keeping things in order.
Before models, let’s talk about the scheme which is starting to unravel!
Here are some extracts from the article by Tony Cartalucci “The Massive Covid-19 Hoax” published at http://www.globalresearch.ca
“Another study conducted in the United States by Stanford University found the infection rate was likely 50-85 times higher than reported – meaning the death rate was astronomically lower than reported at around 0.2% to as low as 0.12% – not the 3-4% claimed by the World Health Organization.
In other words – Covid-19 is no more dangerous or deadly than the annual flu. But it has been hyped as such by Western politicians, the Western corporate media, and even international institutions like WHO – a deliberate deception accompanied by coordinated theater including government briefings with reporters comically spaced out in “fear” of contracting Covid-19.”
Professor Ioannides of Stanford University explained the model in many interviews!
Then there is Robert F.Kenedy Junior, who launched a petition demanding investigation about the depopulation agenda of one Gates.
Let’s see what those models are.
Status Quo
Such a beautiful model where nothing changes dramatically, people who sucked dry others continue doing so with even more zeal. Definitely, there will be a tendency to divide people, to make them spy to one another using such a “human” way like “Neighborhood Observers,” who will be getting some crumbs as thank you from the status quo wishers! Always one eye will be watching you! It could become one-eyed following the blind while taking time for awaking.
There are places in this world that raised the income of prosecutors now! Using all this mess we are facing, prosecutors’ income substantially increased. Preparations are made. Incentives are given. Better? As always, time will show.

Status Not Quo
Here the game could be an interesting one.
Just programmed somewhere, society starts to react.
To react to all the injustice that bothered people all these years but did not want to respond in mass as they had better things to do. Now the reaction might be the only thing left for the people to do.
There is a strong possibility that the movement like yellow vests started in France will renew their presence and might even increase. There will be no leader! So it will not be easy to get to them. That is what might happen with Status Not Quo. Some demonstrations will go on, and that could be the beginning of some other changes when things get more severe, and we are cleansed of minority obsessed with the ruling. It was always the question of how can someone give instructions on what to do and how to behave only because it has loads of money? Non-elected not appointed! Nothing! Come on! All only based on fearmongering!

Status- unbearable lightness of being
to use the title of famous Milan Kundera book
Unbearable is a dangerous word. When it becomes unbearable extremes happen.
But this can also be programmed. Here minority can infiltrate the majority using even the name of the majority to carry the plan of a minority.
Then a minority gets the majority who just want to be left in peace to live the life on this Earth!
And they present the unbearable concept look like high ideals and then start making camps for people to visit occasionally. Just to be reminded who is in charge. Attempts are made for authorities to “visit” houses of all of us for “public good”. Always for “public good” as it is what was in the portfolio of such”human” oriented people.
A little bit of history attached!
By the way, the first ideological, “re-educational camps,” were made after the Bolshevik revolution as early as March 1918 near Ladoga lake near St.Petersbough.
In August 1918 that who was called Lenin and which Kropotkin, the author of “Mutual Aid” and supporter of real Darwin, characterized by his quote that “Lenin is not comparable to any revolutionary figure in history. Revolutionaries have had ideals. Lenin has none,” sent following instruction( Source Wikipedia):

“On August 11, 1918 Lenin instructed the following action:

“Comrades! The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed. The interests of the whole revolution require this because ‘the last decisive battle’ with the kulaks is now under way everywhere. An example must be demonstrated.

Hang (absolutely hang, in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known kulaks, filthy rich men, bloodsuckers.
Publish their names.
Seize all grain from them.
Designate hostages – in accordance with yesterday’s telegram.
Do it in such a fashion, that for hundreds of verst around the people see, tremble, know, shout: “strangling (is done) and will continue for the bloodsucking kulaks”.

Telegraph the receipt and the implementation. Yours, Lenin.

P.S. Use your toughest people for this.”

On August 17, 1918, the assassination of Petrograd Cheka leader Moisei Uritsky by Leonid Kannegisser happened. Moisei Uritsky was Cheka( Forerunner of KGB) chief from March 10, 1918 – August 17, 1918. This man was working together with Israel Lazarevich Gelfand or Alexander Pravus Helphand( this Helphand is a beautifully attached nickname, British are capable of giving to their essential person).
Israel Pravus organized that train having Lenin and the group to go without any disturbance from Switzerland to Russia through Germany!
Moisei and Israel were working together from 1905, sending agents to infiltrate the Tsarist regime.
And Mr. Israel Lazarevich Gelfand or Alexander Pravus Helphand is known as “Merchant of Revolution,” which is the title of the book written about him by Zbynek Anthony Bohuslav Zeman and W.B. Scharlau in 1965.

Second World War followed with the minority using the majority more and more and more. Till today?
What will the future brings one quarantine diary can not project. However, let’s repeat it! It started!
The scheme begins to unravel!
What is the wish is for the minority to awake and become the majority in that minority! Still, there is time.
To become an engine of awakening and significant change!


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