Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001

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It is a part of quarantine diaries as it originated in quarantine we all are in still. I will baptize it Day X=26 !

Twenty-three years ago, the book “Dragon Strike” The Millennium War published by Humphrey Hawksley and Simon Holberton tried to make future history and predict the coming war with China in 2001. They had experience as first was the BBC Correspondent in Asia and second Hong Kong Bureau Chief for Financial Times in the late nineties of the last century.
However, 11/9/2001 happened, and the world had other things to do. Putin just became the president of the Russian Federation, and G.W. had all the attention in making other wars for oil.
So the book stayed under the radar and is still valued with three stars at Amazon. The good thing is that it has the price of less than 4 $ !

We are now passing the time with virus”outbreak” being handled by some personalities who are called Professors at some of the famous colleges and trusted by those who govern. One who is presented as a leader has planted the seeds of fear with his “statistical” and “mathematical” and beyond stupidity predictions of people to die. From the first projection that more than 500000 people are going to die in the UK and more than a million in the USA on March 16th, he admitted on March the 22nd that calculations on this epidemic were based exclusively with a 13-year data from Influenza epidemic! The numbers did not fit! However, with others to follow the example, nearly the whole world in so popularly called “lock-down” or “quarantine”! That is irresponsible and charlatanism!
So, we had 13 years of influenza epidemic without knowing and without quarantines and lock-downs? Very interesting! ||||Using statistics to predict what the living organism will do!? The virus does not want to kill us as, by killing, it will destroy itself! Very many viruses and bacteria are living with us, they coexist, and we can say, make deals and friendships in our organism! The complications following death are unintentional as antibodies are not enough to make the balance! Common sense says that all that is happening with our immune system has to do with the type of food we consume and the way of life we live! Simple but not profitable! Just think! Let us go now to “Dragon Strike.”

As this situation had the origin in China, the stage was set to start the blame game. The USA blames China, China blames the USA. One wants to be left in peace; the other wants to investigate that peace. The names are different; maybe the timetable wrong, but the play is on the go! In the book, the number of staggering 250000000( two hundred and fifty million) unemployed are mentioned to be in China before the “Dragon Strike”. How many unemployed were in the USA the authors did not specify which makes the reader think that we, the majority, are brought in this mess by the minority! That 1%.
To make things more exciting without going into the details and mentioning Parcel Islands and the South China Sea and Vietnam and the Philippines and Brunei and Singapore, let mention one beautiful project on the other side of the South China Sea.
It could be the main reason that all this is happening. Notwithstanding the talk about vaccines and mind control.
Recently I was talking with an Italian friend of mine about the reasons for all this going on! While talking, it came to my mind the very old idea to connect by railway USA and Russia through Alaska! Including 200 km tunnel passing Bering Strait! There was a report in 2014 that Chinese and Russian officials discussed the project that would cost 100 billion $. In 2015 the head of Russian Academy of Science picked up on the same idea based on new technology of high-speed rail transport! Then the reasons for “Dragon Strike”, Hong Kong uprising, and the philosophy of “Grand Chessboard” of late Zbigniew Brzezinski will cease to exist. That would be the final stage of one belt one road initiative as it will connect by land USA, Russia, and China! Who benefits? Who is loosing? “Social Distancing”? Employ Common Sense.
It is always lovely to read the above book, with common sense as a friend, as you will be inspired to think and investigate many new sources and events.



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2 thoughts on “Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001

  1. I am a Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine with over 30 years experience. I studied in China in 1985, when it was still very much a communist country, unexposed to the West. I probably know the Chinese mind as well as any Gweilo, and have this story to tell: I heard whispers coming out of China of a large die off in Wuhan, and very quickly 50 million people were quarantined. This has never happened in modern history. China would not quarantine 50 million people, seriously harm it’s economy, and disrupt the supply chain unless there had been a bioweapon attack. Yes, China was attacked by a bioweapon, and Wuhan was selected as the site of the attack, because Wuhan has a level 4 facility there. It was made to look like there was a leak at the lab, and China was.is responsible. The purpose of the attack was 2 fold: To bring down the XI government and continue the war against China which started many years ago. To understand this statement please see the film by the Australian journalist and documentary film maker john Pilger, and his film: “The coming war on China.”

    While China was busy dealing with the bio attack, a lesser strain of the virus was released throughout the world, and it is known as Covid 19. This weakened virus is being used to bring about soft martial law throughout the world, by the Globalists, UN, and the medical industry. The end game is total global domination with a cashless society, mandatory vaccines, and a chip or digital tattoo necessary to buy and sell.

    China has a society I do not agree with. The total surveillance and social scoring is repressive, and abhorrent to me, but China is not the enemy, and certainly China is not responsible for the global lockdown and viral hysteria.

    As an aside, to those who see Trump as a type of Nationalist Savior……..you have been deceived.

    Trump is a Trojan Horse.

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  2. Dear John, thanks a lot for comment. To start from the last genuinely think that there is a hope Trump will escape being a Troian somehow.
    Sure we all can imagine that we have people among us who as described by late Carroll Quigley
    “We are living in a very dangerous age in which insatiably greedy men are prepared to sacrifice anybody’s health and tranquility to satisfy their own insatiable greed for money and power.”
    That is written in 1980s.
    The question is do we conform or do we confront!?
    One way of confronting is awaking which we do when exchanging views and information. As for Xi, in Quarantine diaries Day 20 I said:
    “As regards Russia, president Putin made significant changes in the government in January this year, before the virus outbreak, thus protecting Russia against the groups from within. The same was going to happen in China, but the outbreak of the virus postponed planed 3-5 of March parliamentary meetings.”
    There is a tendency, slowly emerging, that this is not a government planed event. There is hope.
    And for cash free society and all the other coming with it, I think that with transmutation of mind all could be for the advance as long as the question”who is guarding the quardians” is answered. Or maybe it will not be necessary to answer it due to the collective state of mind we will approach. The one which will have as a first postulate to protect others from myself!
    Wishful thinking? Maybe but it is a way forward to prevail. Otherwise even those that are sick trying to do what you say will stay without anyone to govern. Hope that all understand that we need one another.
    Thanks again for valuable insight shared.

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