Quarantine diaries-night 27

Night 27

It was one night five years ago connected with any night and republished now at Night 27. Above the heart biscuits there was a text : “there are some moments…. that you wish to hold forever.” Well they do! I can still feel the taste of those salted biscuits, the atmosphere of cafe which is now a restaurant, our lips joying. Her look at my hands, and my look on her look. Than quietness. No need for words to spoil the moment! Then she took two, made a photo and wrote that which no one can take it! It is there, it is here, it will stay. Just as she said. Forever. Those moments are with us, inside of us, stay with us. Whatever the outcome. They are there to make us a company at the times of quarantine, and not only! Then, when we are alone with us! Thoughts can pass million miles and come back. We do not need to travel. Thoughts travel for us. Imagine! And it happens. Well a glass of wine can help. As we are still free to express our thoughts even after 1984 and Orwell, here is “Tonight” again. Hope you remember your memories!


Tonight I love you!

I feel, and write,

even poems for you

I create.

From clean soul

full of love!

I do not interpret!

Nothing to repeat

All genuine, new,

from deep in me;

said by words

felt by heart !

Naked as born

I love you tonight.

Copy right D.K. -Richard Criscross

March 2017 three years before quarantine

Republished April 2020 in quarantine.

Day 28 is coming as night 27 is gone. But memories stay!



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Love without fear! ( that is new!)

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