Quarantine diaries Day 30-We will rise again


Day 30
In now far 1990s, there was a significant shift in the world. The Soviet Union collapsed, the Warsaw pact ceased to exist, Germany was united even that Margaret Thacher opposed it fiercely but late! The so-called “Cold War” finished with USA President George Bush declaring the win for the USA and its allies, mentioning for the first time ” New World Order,” which over the years took more human lives than today’s corona epidemic multiply by 10/20/30?
I remember one article in the mid-eighties, which was not repeated anywhere after. At least I did not recall seeing anything similar for a long time.
It was about Grigory Vladimirovich Andropov-Fyodorov, later known as Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, who at the time was a Chairman of the Committee for State Security, short KGB. Namely, there is a legend that he ordered all residents of KGB in the world to reply to the following simple question: What will happen if the Soviet Union disintegrates and the Warsaw Pact is abolished?
I do not remember to detail the article, however, the reply of the majority of the residents, as legend says, I do.
If memory is still serving well, the reply was as simple as the question.
Nothing! The strategic interests of Russia will strengthen over time.
That is how famous perestroika started!
The rest is known till 31/12/1999 when Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin is introduced to the highest office of the Russian Federation.
Russia started to rebuild itself.
So many stories were around having grave concern about how secure will be the weapons of disintegrating Soviet Union and if there will be attempts to misuse it. All went well, nothing of it happened, and the world was continuing with “cold” antagonisms. Russia rebuilds itself, with passing to another level.
That left us with the so-called “winner” of the Cold War. The United States of America and allies. Intoxicated by the success, without noticing that knife had two edges, “New World Order” from being the one excellent idea for advancing humanity to another way of operating and thinking became an acute disease.
That has happened as all the same things that happened in the history of our civilization happened! Because of simple but pure greed!
Greed is making our planet not sustainable!
It is not a population! It is simple greed!
Because of greed, the USA “forgot” to transform itself.
That is now in the process!
It is painful, it will be painful, but it is necessary not because of America only! It is essential because of the future of this planet!
When asked if he will be running for the president by Oprah in 1988, Donald J. Trump declared, “probably not if the country does not go to the real trouble.” Year 1988!
Trouble it is, and it will be solved. Then we will read history and be proud that we were living in such difficult but challenging times!
One huge step forward is the join statement of two Presidents, Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Meeting on the Elbe during the last days of WW II.
Slowly the reforms are taking place, and it will include China and Mr.President Xi also. For the good of humanity and life on earth!

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