Fighting Fear

There is a tendency in the last weeks to have fear warm and ready to be boiled fast. Many authorities with terrible track record are trying to make fear not to dissappear. But fortunately the whole charade is unravelling and in couple of months naked true will be presented. Can you imagine if you learn that whole story arround epidemy was false and used for extortion of nations and governments and that it was turned into making all those working underground to come in the light of the day for whole world to see it. And it is not only about epidemy and a push for non existent and evidently not secure vacsination. Even Oxford University said that it is difficult to get enough virus for trials! So not enough virus anymore!? Anothet very disturbing news came to light from DW on 15/6/2020 by Rinq Goldenberg that “Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years.”

It is continuation of rumors about using children worldwide in different rituals!

To cut the story short here is a breaking news we need to see!

To remind us about the beauty of life and to unravel all those who with”Breaking News” want to send us more fear!

Breaking news

Life is beautiful


Connect and Respect


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