Consciousness and Soul

Sunset somewhere on Earth

It was a day, like any other day, except that she wanted to see him. He was busy making statistic projections for epidemic, as they call it that way. He knew that his forecasts would not pass the test and that the numbers he published projecting possible deaths will not match the reality. He also wanted to see her!
He proposed so-called “social distancing” and another so-called “lockdown”! Of course, to save lives. But he knew that he could not stand “lockdown”! Passion is much more potent than the fear for life!
The passion that many people discovered during the lockdown! Many did not manage to upgrade it but some have done it! However, the beauty of Passion is that it is diametrically opposite of so nicely called “social distancing.”
He knew that people are secretly meeting and making love. He knew so well that most are using the “lockdown” to practice “social arriving” or “social advancing” or “social moving closer.” He knew that whatever his statistics say, people, the majority of the people will not follow! But it was his job! His way of making a living! He was a kind of scientist for hire. However, he was a very expensive scientist to hire. He needed to follow the rules, at least publicly. Like so many public people follow the rules precisely as he!
However, somehow, he had a doubt!
One thing that we still have as it is not yes demolished by the matrix is conscience. Deep inside of us, it lays, and it is the only one that it is still alive! Justice and the truth are lost somewhere. We manage to lose it! Even that the system helped, we are the ones to chose to swim in lukewarm water and enjoy the fake pleasures presented to us.

He knew, with the help of her, even with their “social distance” to be
more than 30 miles, that you will experience salvation not when you deal with your self but when you remember yourself!
She made him alive! She told him: “Feel emotions, think and feel! Share attention as Man is a Temple!”
He felt that positive energy is radiating from her as she was one of them! Coming from Ra or Ram!
By bestowing him with unconditional love, she made him comprehend that no statistics of any model and software can replace the real nature of men! None big data will ever be in the position to feel. None of the big data will ever understand that divine power which creates everything in this world is coming from consciousness and soul, and not from any channeled type of education or information! Information is created in us! that is the real nature of men! We are all different and still we are all the same! There is no program to decipher it!
Having above in mind, it was not a surprise to learn that he, the master of statistics, even terribly wrong in all of the projections, woke up one of the days of “lockdown” and went to see her! Humanity won over all of that manipulation!
And then he resigned! He refused to continue to be for hire! Instead, he went back to humans! He became, even without knowing, a part of a positive civilization!

His personality did not manage to strangle his consciousness! It looks like that really Man is a Temple!

Hope we can do it too! You can do it also!



Connect and Respect

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